Summoned by Pants

I’m sorry if I haven’t visited your blog. I haven’t gone off you; it’s just that the Force of the Writing Pants is with me. My creative bits and pieces are flowing free and I’m working like a thing possessed. I only hope I’m a thing possessed by someone who can shift shedloads of books, not some mad eejit.

Cardiff Half Marathon Training
Runner’s World SmartCoach Programme Week 8, a ‘dropping back’ week = 16 dog and trot-free miles.

‘It’s OK, I’m wearing really big knickers’, one of the fabulously funny Confessions of Georgia Nicolson by Louise Rennison


Debs said…
Yay for your big knickers. I think I need to find some too.

Congratulations on the 16 dog and trot-free miles.
Calico Kate said…
Phew, thank goodness the call of the pants has been heard and acted upon. May the creative juices run rivers.
Calico Kate said…
Phew, thank goodness the call of the pants has been heard and acted upon. May the creative juices run rivers.
Cait O'Connor said…
I'm sorry I haven't visited you (or others) for ages - I am going to try and make up for it later. Quite understand your need to write - good luck, may the force be with you.
Edward said…
Ok, I officially don't get the knickers thing. But never mind, as long as you do, and you continue to do the creative thing, then I'm happy to remain in ignorance.
Flowerpot said…
Good for you Chris - am having a really bad day so I could do with those knickers too!
ChrisH said…
Debs, you are always working like crzy - you have the Power of the Shed to assist your creativity.

Kate, thank you - may the force be with you too.

Cait, if we all visited all the blogs we'd like to fit in none of us would get anything done, sadly. Don't worry about it.

Edward, the Writing Pants, as invented by Lane, are behind the secret of many writers' success. or the success of many writers' behinds, depending on your point of view. You don't get them because you are full of maturiosity. As a great believer that the only way to write is to apply bum to seat I am rather inspired by the mythical Writing Pants keeping me focused. Besides, I find the idea of them vair, vair amusing. One day I'll grow up.

Fp, may you feel the force of the pants soon.
LittleBrownDog said…
You just hang on to that force, Chris - it's great when everything seems to just flow and I think you've just got be single minded and go with it. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labours.

JJ Beattie said…
You needed those big writing pants with the trots, really, didn't you?

Oh well.

Keep at those big pants, girl.
Crystal Jigsaw said…
I wonder if they do pants in my size too. Good luck with the writing, I have to wait until Amy's gone back to school.

CJ xx
Frances said…
Chris, great to learn that you have got the momentum at full flow.

Cheers! xo
elizabethm said…
Great news - you are back in the flow!
Pipany said…
Hurray! Keep it going Chris! xx
Celtic Heart said…
Feel not bad, 'tis more important to butter the bread than doze in the attic.
Tam said…
Fab news. Just don't change those pants...yeurgh!
(sorry, sorry, sorry!)
absolutely brilliant - keep at it girl.
bradan said…
Do the pants help with the dog and trot-free miles as well? Good that your creative bits are so free flowing - keep it up! xx
Cottage Garden said…
Go, girl - glad to hear the Force of the Writing Pants is with you. Long may your creative juices flow!
Pondside said…
Whoopee! Hang onto those pants, and if necessary have a really big safety pin nearby in case the waistband don't want to lose them! Go for it while the force is with you and read blogs when you need a rest.
Jude said…
go for it!!
ChrisH said…
LBD, yes, single-minded, that's what I'll be... just a teeny bit distracted at the mo...

Carol, thank you for a vote for nice secure pants... do you have a blog as well as an advert?

JJ, you are not joking - you need big pants or legs like Usain Bolt!!

CJ, sure they do - just wait til Amy goes back to school and feel the force.

Frances, cheers to you, m'dear!

Elizabeth - yes must go with it as long as it lasts, thank you.

Pip, thanks - will try to!

CH, so true, dear heart.

Tam, hmmm, good thinking - and one less task to bother with :{

SBS, I will - or you'll be after me!

Bradan, good to see you - it's the pants or running like the wind. Yes, I must keep my creative juices running wild and free.

Jeanne, I will harness the power of the pants for as long as poss!

Ponside, a safety pin - good thinking! And, thanks for that - it feels a bit mean not to visit other people when they are kind enough to come here. I'll be back!!

Jude - many thanks - I will!
Fennie said…
I've missed the significance of the writing pants. But am glad that with or without them your work is going well. We'll try not to distract you.
I always find that a deadline is the only thing that really works for me - I've always needed some powerful external force to crank the handle.
gaelikaa said…
Well, I won't say that hey, this is a really pants post or anything like that. No I won't. I'll just say 'may the force be with you' and leave it at that. I'm sure you're doing some brilliant work, and look forward to reading the result in due course!
ChrisH said…
Fennie, you are right about the deadline - scary stuff though!

gaelikaa, thank you! Apologies for not visiting - I am up against it!

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