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My Writing Process Blog Tour

Many thanks to busy author, Juliet Greenwood, for inviting me to participate in the ‘My Writing Process’ blogging tour. Juliet’s second novel with Honno Press, We That Are Left was published in February this year. As Heather Pardoe, Juliet’s also working on a serial for The People’s Friend. You can find out more about Juliet at her fascinating blog

I would also like to thank fellow Choc Lit author, Linda Mitchelmore who also invited me to join this blog hop earlier in the year. Linda’s fifth novel, Red is for Rubies has just become available. You can read more about Linda and her novels here

And so, to more about my writing process...

What am I working on?

Hmm, well, I’ve got several projects on the go! I’ve just started writing my fourth romantic novel … it was inspired by a ‘secret’ path and a beautiful Georgian house on the coast where I live and I don’t really want to say much more than that! I’m working (very slowly) on building a poetry collection, I’ve got the opening chapters of…

Love Will Keep Us Together

‘Isn’t it good,’ observes my ex-husband’s wife to me as we stand chatting at Rose and Si’s wedding, ‘that for all our mistakes, our children still want to get married?’
Yes, yes, it is good. Even better, all eight parents (‘Our mums and dads found new loves and moved on,’ as the Best Man, Si’s brother, neatly sums it up during his speech) are absolutely delighted to be here for the sake of a much-loved couple.
Rose and Si’s love for each other is what lights up a day of utter joy – although I don’t think I’ve ever shed so many happy tears! I’m not alone either; when it’s my new son-in-law’s turn to make a speech, his heartfelt and wonderfully touching tribute to his bride has nearly everyone at the reception in bits. My lovely Rose is radiant with happiness, all worries about people looking at her completely forgotten because only one person matters today and that’s Si. Here’s a flavour of what was a truly special day. My thanks to our dear friends, Jill and Martin for most of the ph…

Don't Look - it's the Bride!

'I’m worried,’ says my lovely Rose, ‘because people might look at me.’

Ever since she was a little dot, my younger daughter has had a horror of being in the spotlight. At nursery school, she wouldn’t sit for a photo unless she had a cuddly toy to face the camera with her and we all remember her first day at university when we had to drive round the block until she could pluck up the courage to enter the halls of residence. It’s a worry I understand; a fear of flying too close to the sun, of jinxing the moment, of crashing and burning. But, as I remind her gently, there’s no hiding place next weekend – she’ll be the one in the long, white dress!

After months of anticipation, the big day is rapidly approaching. Lily and I have arranged to have to have our hair cut and coloured, but as we walk into the salon it’s been taken over by a large bridal party with young women in rollers all drinking Buck’s Fizz and generally having a good time.

‘That’s our hair screwed,’ mutters Lily when we…


At a quick glance at Home Thoughts this year, you’d be forgiven for thinking life’s been one big celebration after another. Of course, for every milestone reached, a lot of ground has to be covered and Tom’s put in a huge amount of work to achieve his MA with Distinction. It was, therefore, a very proud moment for me, Tom’s parents, my younger stepson and Ma to be able to attend Tom’s Degree Ceremony at the Barbican Hall recently.  

‘Why are you at the front?’ asks MiL, looking at the order of play. ‘Because I’m officially Very Clever,’ Tom replies.  I feel we’ve all done Very Well to get this far. Getting across London in a group that includes three octogenarians means being particularly vigilant about gaps at stations, busy trains and crowded escalators. Ma, especially, needs an extra dollop of tlc because of her bad back and injured shoulder. However, once again, I’m truly touched by the kindness of strangers who leap, unprompted, to offer up seats. Thank you, so much, whoever yo…