At a quick glance at Home Thoughts this year, you’d be forgiven for thinking life’s been one big celebration after another. Of course, for every milestone reached, a lot of ground has to be covered and Tom’s put in a huge amount of work to achieve his MA with Distinction. It was, therefore, a very proud moment for me, Tom’s parents, my younger stepson and Ma to be able to attend Tom’s Degree Ceremony at the Barbican Hall recently.  

‘Why are you at the front?’ asks MiL, looking at the order of play. ‘Because I’m officially Very Clever,’ Tom replies.  I feel we’ve all done Very Well to get this far. Getting across London in a group that includes three octogenarians means being particularly vigilant about gaps at stations, busy trains and crowded escalators. Ma, especially, needs an extra dollop of tlc because of her bad back and injured shoulder. However, once again, I’m truly touched by the kindness of strangers who leap, unprompted, to offer up seats. Thank you, so much, whoever you were.

I’m so Very Proud of Tom; I shed a few tears and applaud like crazy. The only problem with him being one of the first to collect his degree is that I feel there’s a certain level of appreciation to maintain – especially for those whose families can’t be with them. By the time I’ve applauded what seems like hundreds of graduates, I feel as if my hands are on fire! But, how lovely to be part of such a happy occasion.

We’re looking forwards to another happy occasion when Rose and Si marry on Easter Saturday. But first, because they’re coming to spend a weekend with us, Tom and I decide to rack up the pressure a bit more by re-decorating our living room. No sooner have we waved the happy couple goodbye when I notice the typeset copy of ‘Follow A Star’ has arrived in my in-box for careful checking. We knuckle down for two days of proofreading – separately and together – with only a few altercations about spelling, grammar and where the Mary Rose was constructed. I would love to be able to claim that we’ve nailed it, but, as regular readers of this blog will know, I’m the worst person for checking my own work – I only ever see what’s in my head!

Something else that arrives is a fundraising pack from Pancreatic Cancer UK, with a brilliant running vest. I’ve decided to take a big step (the responsibility!) and run (Piriformis willing) the Cardiff Half Marathon on October 5th this year to try to raise awareness and funds for the charity which is striving to raise survival rates for this cruel disease. Another milestone ahead – and many miles to run!


Chanpreet said…
Congratulations to Tom and the family!

You've accomplished so much this year already and have so much more to do! :)

Flowerpot said…
Wow - so many milestones Chris that's amazing! Enjoy every minute and so well deserved xx
Frances said…
Chris, huge congrats to Tom and to you and all the rest of yours for all that you've done recently, and not recently.


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