Love Will Keep Us Together

‘Isn’t it good,’ observes my ex-husband’s wife to me as we stand chatting at Rose and Si’s wedding, ‘that for all our mistakes, our children still want to get married?’
Yes, yes, it is good. Even better, all eight parents (‘Our mums and dads found new loves and moved on,’ as the Best Man, Si’s brother, neatly sums it up during his speech) are absolutely delighted to be here for the sake of a much-loved couple.

Rose and Si’s love for each other is what lights up a day of utter joy – although I don’t think I’ve ever shed so many happy tears! I’m not alone either; when it’s my new son-in-law’s turn to make a speech, his heartfelt and wonderfully touching tribute to his bride has nearly everyone at the reception in bits. My lovely Rose is radiant with happiness, all worries about people looking at her completely forgotten because only one person matters today and that’s Si. Here’s a flavour of what was a truly special day. My thanks to our dear friends, Jill and Martin for most of the photos and if you’d like to see a preview of the official photographs (which are stunning), talented photographer Alexa Loy has written a blog about the day here.

Proud parents (2 of 8!)

Me and my girls.

To the reception

They're here!

All smiles...


Mandy K James said…
A wonderful day! You look so much like Rose. Gawgeous, darling! xx
Jan Brigden said…
Such a lovely post. Congratulations to the happy couple and to you all. The pictures are fabulous. Everybody looks so glam. Beautiful Bride and equally beautiful Mum :) Xx
Jane Lovering said… lovely, all of you! That dress was gorgeous, fabulous colour - and the bride looked wonderful too! So nice to hear couples still tie the knot, and what a terrific place to celebrate.

Hope your tears have dried now and that you can look at the pictures without starting up again!
Celia Anderson said…
This made me cry! So lovely and what a great achievement for all 8 to be there (and to be friends, more to the point!) Love Will Keep Us Together is one of my favourite songs from that era too xxx
Chanpreet said…
What a lovely post and pictures Chris! Thank you for sharing!
Claire McC said…
A lovely post, Chris. Everyone looks so happy - beautiful photo of you with your girls.xx
Cait O'Connor said…
You and the bride both looking beautiful (I like the purple!).
Chris Stovell said…
Si can't claim not to have seen the 'after' version, Mandy! Thank you, GC xx

Thank you, Jan - a lot of happiness and a bit of sunshine makes everyone glam, but you are very kind. xx

Thanks, Jane - I was a bit worried about being so, well, purple - I thought I might look like a bar of Cadburys but luckily everyone was too well-fed to notice. And yes, I just keep beaming at the photos now!

Celia, we've got plenty of tissues here! Boy, did we need them. Yes, quite a few parents there but we all did very well for Rose and Si - brought together by their love. xx

Ah, thank you Chanpreet - as a proud mummy, I couldn't not share! Thank you for indulging me!

Thank you, Claire - I'm one very proud mummy in that photo!! xx

Thank you so much, Cait - I did have my concerns about the purple but I just liked the dress!
Liane Spicer said…
Thank you for sharing! The bride and groom look radiant, and so do you. Your daughter, my goodness! Spitting image of her mom! (And I think the 8 parents thing is absolutely, absolutely wonderful.
Frances said…
What a fabulous day! Chris, everyone looks so happy, and wonderfully dressed, too. And to have all those family branches enjoying this special day surely made the day even more special.

How great that even the weather put on a sunny outlook!

Best wishes to the newlyweds.

And may you and Tom have a fine and relaxed weekend. xo

Chris Stovell said…
Thanks for letting me get away with a bit of shameless proud-mumminess, Liane! It's funny, it does sound completely bonkers and potentially fraught for all eight parents to be in the same room, but it was completely fine. It's also nice to be able to look at each other and know that whatever else went wrong, the children are a constant reminder of what we got right!
Chris Stovell said…
Thank you so much, Frances! Tom and I were just laughing because today we feel so much more relaxed than we did a week ago when we were worrying about timings and traffic jams! xx
Topsy said…
What a wonderful celebration of love, joy and happiness. Really uplifting post and stunning photos all round.

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