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Wisdom After The Event

Twelve days before the Llanelli Half Marathon and two and half years since my last visit, I see my GP. The ongoing cold/cough/lurgy I’ve had since Christmas shows no sign of clearing up any time soon mainly, it turns out, because it’s a chronic sinus infection. I mention my race and receive a long, hard look in return but the GP doesn’t actually tell me not to take part.

Race day arrives and the chilly conditions are perfect. I absolutely love this route which is an ‘out and back’ along the coastline beginning and ending at Parc y Scarlets. There’s a great atmosphere and the camaraderie among the runners is fantastic. For the first six and a bit miles I have an absolute blast and clock up excellent times at the 5k and 10k marks… and then, at mile seven, I feel sick and faint. For the first time ever in a race, I wonder if I should retire.

A couple of sweets later and I decide I’m well enough to press on. Six miles isn’t so bad, I tell myself, it’s a distance my dear running friend Helen…

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