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Yes, I know I’m not supposed to b e here , especially when I'm in cybernation wrestling the work in progress into submission, however, I’m just popping in briefly to share some nice news. Back in November, I left a comment on Preseli ‘Margo’ Mags’s blog after the lovely people from Appliances Online sent her a copy of Nigella’s latest cook book . Anyway, shortly after I announced my blog break I received an email from the Appliances Online folk too, asking if a gift of posh chocolates would help keep my blood sugar levels up whilst slogging away at my desk. Since my washing machine is making some very strange noises, I did try some blatant blagging a few gentle hints that whilst posh chocs are always welcome, a new washing machine would go down a storm. Clearly, they have my publisher's interest at heart and reckon chocolates will keep me at my desk longer than rushing around doing household chores (no comments about all the extra ballast keeping my bum glued to the se