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Moonbeams in a Jar: Publication Day!

After a fretful night wondering how publication day would be for  Moonbeams in a Jar   my nerves were settled by this delightful review . Many thanks, Anne for your kind words and huge thanks too, to everyone for all the support today.

About a Book: Moonbeams in a Jar

Are you in the mood for love? I’m optimistically hoping that you are and that the power of love which brought everyone together for Meghan and Harry’s big day might send one or two of you in the direction of my new novella, Moonbeams in a Jar which is released tomorrow, 22 May. The premise for this story is that love arrives unexpectedly, often inconveniently and rarely according to plan... rather like trying to catch moonbeams in a jar. I’m a very visual writer in the sense that ideas often come to me like still pictures from a film and this a story I’ve wanted to write since I ‘saw’ Chloe, the heroine, sitting at the end of a wooden pontoon with Wilma, her dachshund, beside her. How, I wondered, could I make her and the handsome bearded man heading towards her with his dog, Fred, see that they were right for each other? As regular readers of this blog will know, I also love writing about places; I’ve been lucky enough to visit Hong Kong so some of our experiences there ma

A Spring Debut

After very long , and in Lily’s case, exhausting wait, the midwife tells Lily that it’s nearly time. ‘In about thirty minutes, let’s say,’ she announces. Unfortunately - and Lily tells me later that my face fell, although I was convinced I was staying upbeat - it’s time for me to meet Tom and collect Bee from nursery. Whilst my back is turned, Lily and Russ put their heads together, make a few phone calls and enlist the help of Lily’s lovely friend, Ruth, to assist Tom with Bee so I can stay with Lily. Huge thanks to all of you! An hour later, I’m thrilled and overjoyed to meet my beautiful new granddaughter who is a very cross little lady indeed as she greets us. I feel immensely honoured to have been present at her birth and I’m so grateful to Lily and Russ for sharing such a precious moment with me. Welcome to the world, baby Iris! Happy Nana Happy Grandad! Happy Great-Gran! Poor Bee is left with the strong suspicion that Nana and Grandad’s arrival means Mummy a