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This is...

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds latest offering and it's sooooo good!!! Difficult not to overplay it, especially tracks like 'Hold On To Yourself' and 'Lie Down Here (And Be My Girl)'. Oh, all right then, Nick, but just let me finish my novel first. Yes, I'm still working!!!

Bum Back On Seat!

How's this for a good girl? I have been to the gym. I have been for a swim. I have applied my bum to seat and I am working!!! Painting is 'Ramsey Island from Port Melgan' by Tom Tomos

Seven Not So Secret Things About Me

Lifeinthemud has tagged me to reveal seven bits of old dross about myself and since I must be one of the few people waking up in Wales without a hangover this morning (honestly, not a mention of the Welsh rugby team’s fantastic achievement on Radio Four’s early morning news – how rude!) I’ve written a quick response. The rules are over at Muddie’s blog if you, dear reader, would like to continue this game. Anyway, here we go: 1. I hate tomatoes but they started it. I was violently sick after eating a couple of them raw and over the years I’ve become quite tomato-phobic, flinching at slimy pips or anything too red and shiny – Red Nose Day is quite an ordeal, I can tell you. 2. When I was five I tobogganed downstairs in a cardboard box. The descent was terrific but the landing – into a glass front door – not quite so much fun since it involved much blood and a trip to hospital to be stitched up. 3. I fell in love with Tom at first sig

The Black Eyed Dog and Beyond

Sunday 9 March: Shades Nick Drake once sang about a black eyed dog who knew his name. The song always resonates with me because the black eyed dog knows my name too. These days we get along companionably and don’t bother each other much but lately he’s moved a little closer to my side. I don’t want to be drawn into that downward spiral so first on set I set myself a brisk, difficult run. The steep ascent at the end of this run is a b*gger but I dig in and tell myself I’ve got to keep going. There is a nasty moment when, gasping for breath, I notice a newly-picked, pink and glistening fragment of a tiny animal backbone. I’m not usually squeamish but this nearly pushes me over the edge and I have to choke back nausea whilst forcing myself to keep running but the sense of euphoria when I achieve my goal makes up for the pain. The quick fix of a good run enables me to focus on the triggers which have set off this black mood. For help with identifying trigger points I would recommend

Thank you, Debs.

Thank you to Debs for so kindly giving me this award. Debs is very creative in her shed so much so that I am seriously thinking of telling her to budge up so I can finish FTT there!

Hic! Hic! Hooray!

Thank you Muddie ! Tell you what, given that I'm under siege from prunes and the Outlaws and my nerves are beginning to crack, I could really, really do with a drink! No wonder I came up with the silliest answer.

Duffy, Mummies and Celebrations

Saturday 1 March Duffy is tiny, a slight figure in a black, nipped in, strapless cocktail dress with gorgeous red patent stilettos, but, boy, does she pack a punch! From the minute she steps on to the stage and throws single roses out to the audience, she has everyone eating out of her hand. Fresh, charming and clearly enjoying every moment she is a joy to watch. It feels churlish, therefore, to criticise but my slight niggle is that the material doesn’t quite live up to her performance. The stand-out tracks, when they come, are sublime. ‘Mercy’ sends the audience wild, indeed, squashed, as we are, in the moshpit there is some out and out bad behaviour which is downright annoying. But, my goodness, this girl is only twenty-three and bursting with talent – expect to see much more of her. Monday 3 March Ma rings and admits she is in pain with her back – quite extraordinary behaviour for her on both accounts. I question her closely, advise her as best I can from 250 miles away and ring a

One Wedding Anniversary, One New Job and Two New Homes

I March St David’s Day arrives with blustery wind, sunshine and blue skies. It’s also my wedding anniversary; nine years ago Tom and I tied the knot in what started off as a small ceremony and grew! Lots of happy memories both of that day and of the intervening years. Tonight Tom and I are off to see Duffy at Aberystwyth and I’m really looking forward to it. I booked the tickets some time ago when people were still saying, ‘Who?’ so I feel particularly pleased with myself. It’s been a good week, although very busy one. On Monday, whilst we were driving half way round Wales trying to sort cars out, I got the brilliant news that Lily has a new job with a very highly respected organisation. Apparently she was head and shoulders above the other candidates - well OF COURSE SHE WAS! This is my baby we’re talking about here, anything less than total adoration and I would have had something to say!! Yes, I know I’m having a proud mummy moment but Lily is a truly lovely girl so they’re lucky to