Seven Not So Secret Things About Me

Lifeinthemud has tagged me to reveal seven bits of old dross about myself and since I must be one of the few people waking up in Wales without a hangover this morning (honestly, not a mention of the Welsh rugby team’s fantastic achievement on Radio Four’s early morning news – how rude!) I’ve written a quick response. The rules are over at Muddie’s blog if you, dear reader, would like to continue this game. Anyway, here we go:

1. I hate tomatoes but they started it. I was violently sick after eating a couple of them raw and over the years I’ve become quite tomato-phobic, flinching at slimy pips or anything too red and shiny – Red Nose Day is quite an ordeal, I can tell you.

2. When I was five I tobogganed downstairs in a cardboard box. The descent was terrific but the landing – into a glass front door – not quite so much fun since it involved much blood and a trip to hospital to be stitched up.

3. I fell in love with Tom at first sight, which was berludy inconvenient to say the least.

4. I can do that Vulcan, Mr Spock salutey thing but Tom can’t so I like to waggle my fingers whilst telling him to live long and prosper for the sheer fun of watching him struggle to do it back.

5. When I was a first aider at work my first ‘patient’ died. Well, to be fair, I think he was already dead when I arrived, poor chap.

6. I watched the 1999 total eclipse of the sun in Cherbourg harbour. Lily, Rose, Tom and I had sailed there in our ancient wooden boat.

7. I am the mother of two astounding, beautiful and strong young women – I still can’t believe how fortunate I am to have them in my life and nearly burst with pride every time I see them.

Now, over to you...


LittleBrownDog said…
Well done, Wales!

I'd love to hear the story of how you and Tom met sometime - it sounds as though it was some coup de foudre, however inconvenient.
Yes agree with LBD ...we just NEED to know now you have whetted our appetite.....with you on the tomato phobe ...should be banned berludy vile things ...wont give 'em house room ...not even a plant!!
Eeeek to the going through a glass door that sounded horrific.

I LOVE tomatoes - no apologies. But your comment - they started it made me laugh.

Oh no how awful to have your first patient die like that - even if he was dead before you got to him.

And having and bringing up kids and giving them their independence and watching them grow is the most wonderful thing.
Pondside said…
Perfect seven! Just enough to tell a bit and just enough to leave us wanting more! So, how did you meet Tom?
lampworkbeader said…
A magnificient 7, now I feel all guilty as I haven't done mine.
Flowerpot said…
yes I'd love to hear how you and Tom met - always a sucker for those kind of stories. I don;t like tomatoes either!
Fennie said…
Yes, I have that proud feeling too (also about two daughters) and especially when they can do things that I can't!

Never heard of tomato-phobia. Must be sad for you. I love tomatoes - if they are properly ripened that is. Winter tomatoes, grown in hot houses and ripened artificially and then kept in a cold store are enough to give anyone phobia.

Pob Hywl
oh dear I am number 7 What a secret revealing for me then!!!A bit of advise from an old hand...Next time you tobaggan down staris leave the door open dearest!
Cait O'Connor said…
Radio 4 did mention it in the What the Papers Say section on the Today programme but you are right nothing on the news only about the berludy English cricketers!
I am really tired out today, think it was all the emotion!
I must do my seven soon!
Preseli Mags said…
I had to laugh at the tomatoes comment! But, like WW, eeek at the downstairs tobogganing. No visible scars, though. No wonder you were a little coy when I asked you how you met Tom. Now we have to have another coffee! Great list xxPM
That's two, was there a match on somewhere then?
I travelled to Newport on the train a few weeks ago when Wales also won. It was lovely and civilised in First Class (cheap at the weekend), then the train to Abergavenny pulled in...bodies hanging out, the toilet door opening and closing while a chap 'went', bottles and cans everywhere. Don't get me wrong, they were all lovely (boyo), really friendly and nice, but nonetheless, it was scary!
Now if this was my first time in Wales I would have scapered very quickly.
Great comment about Tomatoes.
Lane said…
lol at red Nose Day and ouch at glass door:-(

Love at first sight? I didn't think that was actually possible. I'm adding my name to the list of those wanting to hear more:-)
Milla said…
Like tomatoes if hard and on the green side. Must NOT be squishy or red. Change it to courgettes though and quite another story. And was there not wall to wall wretched rugby for, like, the last 3 months??? It's England's cricketers I want to hear about. (Ducks.)
Debs said…
I love tomatoes and am relieved that I grew up in a bungalow and never felt the need to toboggan down any stairs! I also need to know more.

Well done Wales.
elizabethm said…
I'm another one without a hangover but it was a great match and English coverage has been patchy at best.

Loved your list and share absolutely your pride in children. Aren't grown up children the most wonderful thing!
Tattie Weasle said…
I keep VERY quiet in the house WALES is a bad word and mention of being WELSH is absolutley verboten. So I rush down to the end of the garden and snigger LOUDLY!!!!!!!!!
You've definatley whetted our appetites about how/when you met Tom.....
Sally's Chateau said…
Bit funny about tomatoes myself, can't abide the hard out of season ones !!

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