Hic! Hic! Hooray!

Thank you Muddie http://inthemud-lifeinthemud.blogspot.com/! Tell you what, given that I'm under siege from prunes and the Outlaws and my nerves are beginning to crack, I could really, really do with a drink! No wonder I came up with the silliest answer.


Inthemud said…
I'll join you for a drink, can't have you drinking alone.
Sorry to hear things are tense over at yours. Think calming thoughts and get out of the house for a while.

Cheers Chris!! "Clink Clink"
Flowerpot said…
I'll join you for a drink too Chris though I don't like bubbly. I like my wine flat! Hope things calm down soon.
Debs said…
I thought your answer was inspired. Poor you with the Outlaws, best of luck!

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