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Home Thoughts Weekly: Preview Edition

A funny thing happened in the Sick Bay last night. Lying there in my winceyette nightie with the candy-striped sheets pulled over my head I was pretty sure that Duck Flu, Local Paper Blight and Chronic Blogging Fatigue had seen me off for good. A peep at your shiny new blogs hadn’t helped; everyone had gone up a grade! Liberated from the Mothership, Purplecooers were celebrating with stylish presentation, fabulous photos and writing with a newfound sense of freedom. Was I even capable of setting up a blog or would I be relegated to the bottom stream forever? Then, to my complete surprise, I got the urge to lift my head from the Pillow of Doom, edge a tentative pedicured foot to the cold floor and feel my way over to the computer. Within a couple of minutes of experimental tapping I, too, was the proud owner of a brand new blog, proving that there is indeed, life beyond the Green Duck. Alas, I will not be boarding at Purplecoo. The day job has suffered badly and Tom is also showi