Don't Look - it's the Bride!

Bride-to-be (R) exhibiting early signs of shyness!

'I’m worried,’ says my lovely Rose, ‘because people might look at me.’

Ever since she was a little dot, my younger daughter has had a horror of being in the spotlight. At nursery school, she wouldn’t sit for a photo unless she had a cuddly toy to face the camera with her and we all remember her first day at university when we had to drive round the block until she could pluck up the courage to enter the halls of residence. It’s a worry I understand; a fear of flying too close to the sun, of jinxing the moment, of crashing and burning. But, as I remind her gently, there’s no hiding place next weekend – she’ll be the one in the long, white dress!

After months of anticipation, the big day is rapidly approaching. Lily and I have arranged to have to have our hair cut and coloured, but as we walk into the salon it’s been taken over by a large bridal party with young women in rollers all drinking Buck’s Fizz and generally having a good time.

‘That’s our hair screwed,’ mutters Lily when we’re asked to take ourselves off for a while. When we return, the atmosphere is one of fierce concentration as rollers are removed, elaborate hairstyles concocted and make up applied. I find myself looking at the reflection of the bride-to-be. The pale blue velour hoodie she’s currently wearing over skinny jeans is at odds with the intricate blonde curls being arranged across one shoulder. It’s fair to say there isn’t a lot of spare money in this part of rural west Wales and although prices reflect that, someone will have had to dig deep to pay today’s hair-dressing bill. While I’m musing on this, I happen to look again and catch the moment when the hairdresser carefully rests a glittering tiara in the bride’s hair – and my eyes mist up with tears, because I so hope that there’ll be a moment in every day from now on when the girl in the mirror feels like a princess.

And so, my darling Rose, people will look at you on your wedding day, but try not to worry, take a deep breath and smile if you can because it’s only because they wish the best for you, as I do too.

Rose and Si, here’s wishing you every happiness and a bit of fairy dust, not just on Saturday but every day thereafter!


Kathryn Freeman said…
Oh Chris, how lovely. It made me wish I had girls instead of boys - though I hope its a while yet before I see them married! I wish you and your family all the very best on this very special day. I will do my sun dance for you all :)
Mandy K James said…
I hope you all have THE BEST day, one to remember for always. Lots of love, Mandy xx
Chris Stovell said…
I'm fortunate to have two stepsons so I've got the best of both, Kath. Yes, please do your sun dance - that would be great! And thanks for the good wishes x

Aw, Mandy - thank you SO much! x
Jean Helsby said…
What lovely words Chris. I am sure they will help get her through, what i am sure will be a beautiful day.
Lots of love to you all. xx

Unknown said…
I hope she enjoys every moment of the day and that the sun shines on you all. Even thought I have all boys it was still equally touching when 2 of them were married last year - very special!
Angela Britnell
Chris Stovell said…
Thank you, Jean - it's lovely of you to drop by here. Love to you and yours too, xx

I think the sun will shine whatever the weather, Angela - thanks so much for your good wishes.
Chanpreet said…
What a beautiful post Chris!

I hope that Rose's day is just as wonderful as she hopes it'd be. I wish her happiness on this new chapter in her life.

Let her know it's not really her they're looking at, but the glow her happiness radiates.
Chris Stovell said…
PS Kate (Kath??) a slip of the fingers there!, sorry!

Chanpreet - thank you for your good wishes and such a lovely thought.x (Edits finished, so hopefully not too long before I'm in touch!).
Frances said…
Chris, you really captured a particular day so very well.

I send best wishes to your beautiful daughter on her upcoming special day. Best wishes you and yours who will be surrounding her with love this Sunday.

Chris Stovell said…
Ah, Frances - you're very kind. And thank you for your good wishes, x
mountainear said…
What a beautiful piece - and articulating the thoughts we all wish for young women setting out in life.

All best wishes for a wonderful wedding day and a happy future together for Rose and Si.
Claire McC said…
Beautiful words, Chris. I wish you and your family a beautiful day.xx
Chris Stovell said…
Many thanks, Mountainear and Claire - you good wishes are very much appreciated. xx
Chris Stovell said…
'your' even, *sigh*
Aw, what a heart-warming, emotional, post. Thanks for sharing and I hope you all have a wonderful day.
Pondside said…
By now the big day has come and gone and I hope it was everything Lily and everyone who loves her had hoped it would be.
Such a sweet piece of writing, Chris.
Chris Stovell said…
Thank you, Linda, it was a very happy day x

Pondside, it's lovely to see you again after your trials and tribulations - the wedding day was filled with love and was a real boost for so many of us there. More when I have some photos to share. x

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