Rump Steak, Anyone?

I’ve just returned from a trip to casualty. Not quite the ending to the morning run I expected. Less than a mile from home, outside a pretty little cottage the other side of the village, I was just congratulating myself on almost completing a horrid seven mile interval session when something took exception to my smug face. There was a very scary snarling noise, a sensation of being stabbed in the backside and then I was trapped by the World’s Angriest Jack Russell (yes, another one – I love them! I don’t deserve their hatred!).

I stood there wondering what to do whilst WAJR danced and snapped round my legs until a gate opened and there was a kind of Jack Russell explosion when two of WAJR’s mates appeared together, thankfully, with the owner. She looked very uneasy when she saw what had happened, even more so, minutes later, when having inspected my bum and found a puncture wound, I returned to tell her about the damage.

Then it was a quick shower and off to casualty. My tetanus jabs are up-to-date, fortunately, but the wound needed to be dressed and I’ve got strict instructions to return for antibiotics if there’s any sign of an infection. Tom and I differ in our approach now. Tom is incandescent with rage that I’ve been attacked and thinks I should report the owner to the relevant authorities. My view is that I’ve informed the owner that her dog has bitten me, so she should make damn sure it doesn’t do it again. I’m shaken, upset and my bum hurts. But never mind, we’re going sailing tomorrow...

Cardiff Half Marathon Training
Runner’s World SmartCoach Programme Week 5 = 19 miles and a dog bite.

Paiting is 'Blue Pool, Mwnt' by Tom Tomos


Calico Kate said…
Oh poor you! That is really horrid. Think I fall in between the two of you. Something a lottle more ought to be said to someone and certainly she ought to be very very very apologetic. Hope the bum mends soonest.
Frances said…
Chris, I so hope that you heal easily, and keep on running easily, too.

Had you run past that house before? It is interesting to me that there are several dogs there with ability to do more than bark. Their owner clearly needs to be more observant, at the very least.

gaelikaa said…
Chris, it is a tribute to your magnanimity that you are not angrier. Jack Russells are dangerous little gurriers and have to be kept under control. That really is the owner's responsibility. Those people should be warned to keep their dogs muzzled when they let 'em out. I'm halfway between Tom and you on this one. I wouldn't let them off the hook so easily. Moreover, what if they go for a child next time? You were an innocent runner. An adult has some innate faculties to cope with such incidents, imagine if it was someone much more vulnerable. And please do take it easy, dear. Take some arnica (homoeopathic medicine) or else a spoonful of turmeric in hot milk. Thats an Indian home recipe for injuries. Take care love, and God bless you! My best wishes for a speedy recovery!! Be back with you in a day or two!
Preseli Mags said…
Noooooooo! Oh good grief, you poor thing. That's terrifying. Huge sympathy and I hope you heal quickly without infection. Not the way a run should go at all.

PS: Brian (who, as you know works in crime recording for Dyfed-Powys Police) says it's a recordable crime (Dangerous Dogs Act) and you should report it to the police. The dog owner should receive a caution at the very least. He says: "The owner needs prosecuting. It's a crime. Imagine if it was a child next time..."
Jude said…
Turmeric in milk? sounds good!
It's a problem I think of often as I go past many dogs tied up, obviously some escape their leashes and are running loose.
Take care, maybe think about taking some small spray to use to defend yourself.
pinkfairygran said…
I'm with Tom on this one, just imagine what could happen if the WAJR took exception to a child running past, got it's face? A loose dog that bites is against the law so far as I know, and you have to protect others from the same thing happening, and if people can't be responsible about their pets, then they shouldn't be allowed to have them. I know how upsetting and scary an event this can be as a German Shepherd ran out from between two houses and leapt at me when I was on my way home from school, aged 13. It didn't attack or bite, and I was assured it wouldn't have, but that was no consolation at the time. I have never trusted dogs since, though I do love them.
ChrisH said…
Kate, feel that my troubles are totally trivial having read your post. Thank you.

Frances, I've heard lots of noise before but it seems that the fence needs mending. Thanks for your good wishes.

Gaelikaa, yes, the child thing is beginning to worry me. Thank you for your good wishes and suggestions... do you think a large whisky would be a good subsitute for milk?!

Mags, it's certainly getting more and more dangerous going out for a run! Lily made the same point to me ie that my bum is at the same level as a child's face therefore I should report it. The owner looked very shaken, but something about the way, when I indentified the dog that had bitten me, she said 'Oh, dear. That one shouldn't have been out at all' has got me thinking. She has promised to repair the fence where the dog escaped so I hope she is as good as her word.

Jude, I've been very reluctant to carry any kind of self-defence aid - after all who's going to rescue me in the middle of nowhere? - but this has really shaken me up. Lots to think about.

Pfg. I am in a quandary now. The dog owner was clearly very shaken when I spoke to her - and it's important to say although I was shaken I wasn't angry or threatening, far from it. She has told me she will mend the fence so the dog doesn't escape. I hope that by pointing out that I've been bitten she will take better care to make sure no one else is attacked.
Pondside said…
Rump roast? You poor thing!
I'm sure the dog owner was contrite, but really, anyone with three dogs had better be in control. She sounds a bit ditzy.
LittleBrownDog said…
Oh, Chris - what is it with these beligerent Welsh terriers? How frightening, not to say how painful. Not sure what I'd do, but I think I'd definitely consider taking it further, or at least discussing getting the owner to muzzle her dogs. I have heard that once dogs get a taste for this sort of behaviour, they can go on to do it again - perhaps worse. And as Gaelikaa suggests, what if it's a child next time? Or an old lady?

Hope things feel less sore, soon. xx
There's not much excuse for keeping a biting dog especially if you don't keep your fences in good repair. The owner is lucky you have a forgiving disposition.
I think you should be sent a bunch of flowers or a box of choccies to heal your wounded feelings if not your backside.
toady said…
I'm with the others with regard to it could have been a child. I can lend you a rubber ring to sit on!
elizabethm said…
You poor thing and you seem very brave and stoical about this. I think I would be with you about leaving it as it is, but I am a great one for not making a fuss. I do take the point about the possibility of it being a child next time. Maybe it needs another word with the owner - perhaps Tom could it on your behalf, might come better from someone else?
Hope you are now less sore!
lampworkbeader said…
Gosh Chrish, that is an awful experience. I have been chased by dogs when I've been on my bike but never bitten. I think you have been very calm about it.I'm sure I would have made a terrible fuss. I hope all mends well.
Cottage Garden said…
Oh Chris, I hope you heal soon, what a nasty experience. Did you get any sort of decent apology from the owner?

On a happier note I hope you continue to enjoy the sailing and have a peaceful day on the water tomorrow!
ChrisH said…
Pondside, well, whatever she is, she needs to get her act together now.

LBD, I hope that she was shaken enough to do something. I've decided that if I see the dog loose again then I will take action... I do hope it doesn't get a taste for 'it' or my backside!

Rosie, the owner didn't even ask where I lived, and I don't know her. If she mends her fences and keeps her dogs under control then that's it, as far as I'm concerned... unless I get a horrible infection.

Toady - now you're talking. I can sit on the rubber ring tonight and take it sailing with me tomorrow. Sorted!

Eilzabeth, still smarting! I've decided to watch and wait, I've been as clear as I can be without being unpleasant. If she doesn't follow through I shall have to reconsider.

Lampie, glad you haven't been bitten - although I know from what Tom says that it isn't much fun being chased when you're on a bike either.

Jeanne, thank you - I'll do some forward thinking instead of thinking about my behind!
Celtic Heart said…
Ouchie Ouchie. Hope you are feeling better now. That is so painful. What is it about JRT's? We have one lady here who has a pack of them, totally out of control and dangerous, but no one does anything about them or her!
gaelikaa said…
Yeah, Chris, by all means go for a large whiskey, but the turmeric in milk has what you might call 'healing properties' if you know what I mean. Tell you what, add a spoon of sugar to that milk but DON'T forget the turmeric, I'm sure you can get it in Wales, there are Indian shops everywhere in Britain - let it settle and THEN have a large whiskey - preferably an Irish, but Scotch will do be an acceptable substitute. Hope you're feelig better today, thanks for visiting!!!!
Tam said…
Oh, you poor thing! Hope it's not too painful? The one consolation for me about being bitten on the bum is that there'd be plenty of padding but I doubt the same can be said of you, Mrs Runner!
I think I'm with you about the dog, btw.
Sally's Chateau said…
Poor you what a nasty experience but I would be inclined to report the owner, next time it could be a much less resiliant person and a bigger bite.
Debs said…
How horrible for you. I do hope everything heals soon.

I can't bear it when owners don't keep a check on their dogs, they can be dangerous creatures.
gaelikaa said…
Hey Chris, just checking in to say Hi and hope you're healing and didn't have to go back for the antibiotics! I hope the sailing went well, too....
ChrisH said…
CH, I just hope they're not waiting for me tomorrow!

Gaelikaa, thank you so much for your concern. Back from sea - behind feeling a lot better, although still bearing the scars. No infection - thank goodness.

Tam, thanks for your very kind comments and making me feel a bit better about my decision. Mind you, I'm off for my next run tomorrow so that'll be the crunch (though hopefully not of jaws!).

Hi Debs, good to see you after your writing week. Thank you.
Un Peu Loufoque said…
What a picute that conjures you running with small angry monster attached to your rear end!!
ChrisH said…
Vair, vair true, UPL!

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