Will anyone seeing the lazy-bum writer known here as Chrish please fit her with writing pants and return her to her desk immediately? There is WORK to be done, Chris. Do you really think you are going to become a successful novelist by THINKING about it? Hmm?

Stop Press!
Oh, berlimey! Never forget to be very careful about what you wish for; I now have some serious work to do which will require my strongest, biggest writing pants!


Cottage Garden said…
Empty chair syndrome - I get that a lot!!

Hilarious link to Lane's 'Surgery' post for your writing pants. Love it!

Enjoy your evening!
Jeanne x
Fennie said…
Mmmmmm! I don't know. Alexander Solzhenitsin wrote three or four novels in his head when incarcerated in a labour camp. When he got out all he had to do was scribble. Maybe your brain is just telling you it wants thinking time. And not necessarily active thinking time either. It's all in the sub-conscious, below and out of sight of what you are aware of. TE Lawrence could write up to 20,000 words in a day scribbling out Seven Pillars of Wisdom again after he lost the first draft.
Brown Dog said…
Uh oh! I think I might have to try this Xtranormal thing, my own writing pants having disappeared into some kind of alternative space/time continuum.

(Nice writing room, by the way. If I had a painting like that on the wall I'm sure it would inspire me to put pen to paper.)
AWwwwwwwww no - does this mean I have got to start nagging AGAIN???
Ok Ok - BUM BACK ON CHAIR MADAM - NOW - folded arms, tapping foot - look if I can drag recaltricant teenagers through exams you would be mere chicken feed!!!!!
elizabethm said…
I'm with Fennie. I think your brain wants a break. No nagging from me.
Pondside said…
The doctor in that clip sounds suspiciously like Fennie, on Rosie's posts - as a matter of fact, the nurse sounds suspiciously like Rosie. I smell a plot!
Who are you and what have you done with Chris?!
Debs said…
I think your writing pants have gone to the same place mine have. I've got two weeks left, well eleven days, before returning to work and I was going to spend most of the time writing. 'Going to' being the operative words here.

Love your writing space. Looks so tidy and organized.
ChrisH said…
Jeanne, I love Lane's clip, it really makes me laugh - and sums up the problem!

Fennie, I do hope you're right - everything I put on paper was feeling stale.

Brown Dog - it's very addictive! Yes, I'm very lucky to have my own resident artist!

SBS, I believe you! Well done to that son of yours and well done you.

Pondside... yes only you and I have broken away from the spell of the Xtranormal characters. They have xtraordinary powers!

Debs, why is it that when we have dedicated writing time it's so hard to write?? And when you're busy, you're full of inspiration?
Edward said…
Lovely place to write. By the way, what are writing pants like? And are they pants in the American sense (trisers) or knickers? Either way, I see strong elastic, and a reinforced seat.

Enough information already.
JJ Beattie said…
*whispers* I think I saw her out cavorting with JJ...
sheepish said…
I hope you are busy doing the requested revisions and that very soon your ms will be accepted. I am the last person to help get you back to your desk as I have actually forgotten where mine is. I think it might be amnesia but I can't remember what that is!!!
Good lick.
sheepish said…
Sorry I meant good luck but I have forgotten how to spill as well.
He he.
Pipany said…
yep, I think I have been missing (in no action I fear) too Chris. All very full of excuses in my case...sigh. great about the re-write though. well done missus xx
Fia said…
Yes, get back there sharpish missus. You've only got to make a few changes and then you might be sending out invites to you know what.

I have my dress ready.
ChrisH said…
Edward, they are enormous industrial Spanx, guaranteed to keep a writer in her chair.

JJ, shhh! I've sneaked back now.

Sheepish, I don't think I've been I've been wished a good lick before. It makes a nice change :)

Pip, but you have spent the whole summer doing nice things from a jar!

Fia, ohpleaseohpleaseohplease. C'mon, we're sitting next to each other next year, remember, so I'll get my dress ready for your bash too.
Calico Kate said…
Oh Wonderful! Loved the link.
Hope yours fit! With a comfy chair like that there surely is no excuse.
Tattie Weasle said…
Agree with Fennie - definatley thinking time though don't forget that even if you haver to do somehting else when the muse comes you have to go with it - you are an artisite so forget the washing up, the cooking and the cleaning becuase that is whern you will be most inspired...!! Wonderful news!
susan said…
Hi Chrish
Get out of your writing pants and come and meet some fellow talented ladies we're all going to Somerset
ChrisH said…
Kate, you are right - no excuses now!
Tattie, I always try to forget the housework, even though this is a great sacrifice for me.

Susan, hello, welcome and thank you - but I really have to do some work first!
Flowerpot said…
lovely room Chris - good luck with it all!
MelRoXx said…
Get 'em on girl! & get going!!!!
ChrisH said…
Fp thank you!
Mel, I've got them on!!
Carol said…
we can't judge simply about anyone we have to wait and see..
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