A Gentleman Calls at 'Home Thoughts Weekly'

Sorry, but I'm still not sick of this... even if you are! Normal service will be resumed when I've got a bit of thinking space.


Lane said…
Oooh you're directing is getting very slick Chris!

I'm not getting sick of it I'm afraid. I keep going back and playing about as it's just too much fun.

Enjoy that coastal walk!
ChrisH said…
Lane, Thank you, Maestro. Hmm, I was afraid you'd say that, but it's keeping me sane at the moment.

I will. Hehe!
Gosh - we are getting good - aren't we? That's terrific. I can see I shall have to have another go, but I have such a HUGE pile of ironing and I have to do the VAT and the wages.
Cait O'Connor said…
A gret film producer in the making Chris - I just love these,
Pipany said…
Anything that helps with sanity wins in my book! keep going Chris (and you're welcome here anytime but don't forget about the reality behind the pictures!) x
Debs said…
I did one yesterday and it was hopeless, so I think I'll forget any thoughts of being a director for now!
LittleBrownDog said…
That looks like a lot of fun, Chris. Am very tempted, but it looks as though it could be addictive. Love your wardrobe.
Cottage Garden said…
Oh Chris, I just love these - keep them coming, they are so funny. Like Lane, I keep going back and re-playing them. Can't wait to hear about the coastal walk!!
ChrisH said…
Rosie, I loved your film - you are one tough director!

Cait, you know, if you keep saying that it will only make me do it again!

Pip, good. Sanity a bit thin on the ground at the mo - and I love the pictures!

LBD - go on, just think what you could do with WWFMTDTWW!

Cottage Garden, you know I really should quit whilst the going is good-ish!
Un Peu Loufoque said…
Promise me when you get your guests to teh top of teh beautiful coastal path you do not push them off to get a better dramatic view!

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