Both Hands Waving Free*

*Working those ‘Bob-with-a-twist’ lyrics as originated by Little Brown Dog.

Almost two years after my left shoulder ‘froze’, the thaw has finally set in. Thanks to Hema The Merciless, the wonderful physio, both hands are now waving fairly free. A regime of fiendish exercises, such as patting my back backwards (imagine having your arm twisted up your back, but twice as far as you think it ought to go and you’ll get the picture) and a programme of weightlifting has almost done the job – the rest is down to me. It feels wonderful to be able to just shrug a jacket on, instead of carefully inserting my left arm first – such freedom! Even better, my single bingo wing is morphing back to arm shape. A bit of exercise has made a huge difference... anyone for a spot of arm-wrestling?

Actually it’s a good job I can wave my arms because I’m slightly panicking at how much I need to do. I’ve just completed my final assignment for my OU course and even though I’m really chuffed with my marks so far, I now have the End of Course Assessment, my biggest piece of work, to finish. Coupled with a full diary and some changes at Hotel H, it means I’ve really got to concentrate to keep the balls in the air.

So it’s a bit of a short and snappy ‘home thoughts’ this week, but after my tips about Aldi WrinkleStop (keep slapping on the aqua, glycerin and... Syn-Ake, ‘which mimics the effect of a protein found in the Temple Viper Snake’, oh, that’s all right then!), getting rid of those pesky kimono arms (lift 3kg weights – think Michelle not Madge if you want to avoid that ‘gristle covered with veins’ look), I have one more gorgeousity tip for you (goodness, I’m becoming a bit of Gorgeousity Guru here).

You may remember that my dear friend, Jill, bought me, Rose and Lily a thoroughly generous present of having our colours analysed. I can truly say that finding out we were Two Golden Springs and a Sweet Pea Summer with the lovely House of Colour Consultant, Manon Davies, has made shopping so much easier for all of us (and I hate clothes shopping, believe me). We’re all so much more confident about the colours that suit us and we had a really enjoyable day too. For anyone fortunate enough to live near Cardiff who feels like treating themselves or a friend, I’ve included a link to Manon’s contact details, but it’s easy to find your local consultants by going to the website. Well, that’s it – that’s exhausted my gorgeousity tips. Time to do some work.

Painting, by Tom Tomos, is 'Preseli - Rain' which just about sums up what's going on outside my window at the moment.


Flowerpot said…
'm so glad to hear about your thawed shoulder Chris. And best of luck with your End of course assignment. That clothes session in Cardiff sounds just what I need - though Cardiff's quite a long way from Falmouth!
Leatherdykeuk said…
So good that you're beginning to be free at last.
LittleBrownDog said…
Great to see my Bob-lyric headline habit is beginning to catch on, and even better to hear about the progress with your shoulder. Often, what seem to others like small difficulties can have a huge impact on everyday life.

I've always been torn between wanting to have my colours done and reluctance to part with the money to do it, but will certainly check out Manon's website. You ARE becoming a gorgeousity guru, Chris, and I think it may be something that suits you.

Pondside said…
I'm so glad that physio has helped - nothing like - I'd try physion before most anything else.
I flew over here to read the gorgeousity tips as I'm in dire need after a long winter. I'll have to start with the weights if I'm to get rid of the bat wings in this lifetime.
Frances said…
Chris, well done! So glad that you and your physio have got your shoulder so improved. Was this the physio that Shoulder Doctor Man advised? Hope so, and that anyone else needing that advice will be able to connect with that doctor.

Your writing is marvelous, no matter what pressure might be in your life.

Love the notion of the color discovery. Mine came when I went to a Prescriptives brand cosmestics counter to buy some foundation, and discovered that my rather pale skin has yellow undertones. That simplified everything ... when venturing away from my normal black, it's wise to go towards deeper shades of purples, certain reds, blues, browns ... stay away from most greens and all yellow.

Preseli Mags said…
I'm pleased to hear the shoulder is thawing. Does this mean you'll be waving at me over the Preselis with both hands now?? I had my colours done ages ago and was an autumn, but yours sounds more detailed. Still very handy for shopping, though.
Edward said…
Didn't get the "Bob with a twist" - is I a bit thick? Anyway, hooray for physios and goodbye to bingo wings.
Debs said…
So pleased to hear your shoulder is thawing. What a relief for you.

I shall have to check out that sight about having your colours done. I love the names too.
Calico Kate said…
I love the thought of you discovering you were 'Two Golden Springs and a Sweet Pea Summer' Sounds like the title of a gorgeousity book.
Fennie said…
I would love to have my colours analysed. But I fear I would be told anything but oatmeal, which of course is the colour I perversly chose for a Christmas present cashmere jumper that I haven't worn since and which sits looking accusatory and forlorn whenever I open the drawer.
ChrisH said…
Fp, thank you - luck and time required I think!

Rachel, ta m'dear - it's taken long enough!

LBD, it's such a good game! Yeps it's a lot of money (and I'm not getting paid to say this) but I honestly think it saves you money in the long run.

Pondside - I am still laughing at your joke about lifting the potato sacks! I often think about it when the weights feel extra heavy!

Frances, alas, no - this was because I badgered my GP again and got sent back to where I started, but with a new staff member who took one look and knew what to do. Reluctantly I think it's about Making A Fuss. You are fortunate to be able to wear black - but, yes, the skin tone thing is the key. And thank you!

Mags, LOOK!! There, did you see that? You look great in those autumnal colours with your hair colour.

Edward, you have to go to LBD's meme if you haven't already. All respect to LBD for 'How many toads must a van mow down?'. Fantastic! Yes, and hearty cheers to good physios.

Debs, it's really interesting, and the results weren't what I would have predicted at all.

Kate, we Golden Springs were a bit jealous of our Sweet Pea Summer as her colours were so pretty in the wallet, but we have learned to work our bright, clear, colours.
ChrisH said…
Fennie, honestly, it's worth doing (really, I'm not getting anything out of this)... then you could see why that oatmeal cashmere jumper doesn't feel right (perhaps you are subconciously saving it for best?).
Withy Brook said…
Shoulders do seem to take 2 years to mend. So pleased that yours is on the move again.
JJ Beattie said…
I am SO pleased to hear good news on the shoulder. I think physios are magicians... my rotator cuff problems were solved by a physio. Doctors sent me pretty much packing with the warning not to do things which caused me pain (UH OH, what like pulling up knickers and trousers? And putting on bra?) So yes, delighted to hear you're returning to normal too. JJx
Cottage Garden said…
Good news about the shoulder AND good luck with your OU assignment.
Thanks for the tip on the colour consultant - I shall check out the website. I think it would make a nice present for my sister's birthday in June.
Pipany said…
Glad to hear about your shoulder Chris. At least there was a point to all the pain. The colour session sounds a giggle too. I think I need a major gorgeousity makeover! x
Expat mum said…
I too find it amazing that about two years ago I couldn't lift milk out of the fridge and could lift my right arm above ahoulder height. Now, apart from when I shovel snow, it doesn't really bother me. I can't get it as far up my back as my left arm, but then again, I rarely need to.
Funny thing, I am now seeing the chiropractor because of my back problems, and he says he's not surprised that all of my former problems have been on my right side (knee and shoulder) because my feet aren't the same, my right hip is slightly higher than my left, etc etc. Amazing really, and yet not!
Lane said…
Brilliant about the shoulder!
I can't wear red (look like lobster) mauve (look exhumed) or yellow (look like fried egg). I would love a colourist to tell m exactly what I could wear:-)

Now you're shoulder is easing you'll no longer be 'tangled up in blue'.

(Lame I know but like the game:-)
BT said…
Such great news about your shoulder, I am so pleased for you. I've had problems with mine but it seems to have improved lately. Now it's my back!! Old age is a pain.

It's all rain here too of course, then we send it on to you! Well done for almost completing your OU course. Brilliant. Go on then, off you go and get down to it! Now, where are those weights?
BT said…
I've done your meme over at my place Chris!
ChrisH said…
My BT connection has been down so I will reply when and if BT (YES YOU) EVER REPAIR IT!
ChrisH said…
Erm, that's not our very own BT, the Crafty Gardener btw!
elizabethm said…
Your shoulder is on the mend - so glad to know this. Every time i have any lingering twinge from mine I have thought of yours.
Not sure about the colours though -like Lane I know what I look dreadul in for free, is that a start?

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