Demob Happy!

I’ve finished my ECA (my OU end of course assessment) YAY! Well, I’ve finished it for the time being - I need to put it away for a couple of days then worry it a few more times before sending it off. In the meantime – and before the next set of guests arrive - I’m winding down with a good old knicker cull, as you do. (I know some of you are sitting in the sun, but a stiff sea breeze has set in here and it’s cold so I’ve had to find other ways to celebrate finishing my work). In fact, I’ve been having a trawl through my entire wardrobe in case the clothes fairies have left any princess dresses in there when I haven’t been looking. Nothing doing in mine, sigh, but I did have a try on of your bridesmaid dress, Rose, that you wore for your dad’s wedding and I looked quite fetching in it – if a bit boobalicious which was rather scary.

Anyway, Lily will tell you, if you’re interested, that I tend to hang on to underwear far too long – just in case there’s a world shortage of knickers. Well, there probably is actually – they’ve all ended up in my drawer. So far I’ve despatched with a thong I never could quite get the hang of, half a dozen pairs of boy pants (the horrid colours in the pack – like khaki, bleurgh!) and, shock, horror! – my lucky running knickers (really, they are truly past it). Oh, and a couple of pairs of ‘loved-but-clapped-out’ specials. Perhaps the clothes fairies know some underwear fairies who could kit me out again?

I also tried on a number of items lurking at the back of my wardrobe to see if they still fitted. Girls, I’m sorry to say that the leather trousers that so embarrassed you when you were small still fit. As does the leather skirt. I know, I know – just because you can, doesn’t mean you should, and please don’t worry, I won’t. I finished up trying on my wedding suit. It’s the one item I’ve ever had made for me, and the lovely lady who made it told me at the time that she would always be willing to take it in for me, but she would never let it out. Phew! It still fits, Mrs Tierney. Ah, happy memories!

Painting is Dinas Head by Tom Tomos - and it really is beautiful in real life, I don't think this computer image does it justice


LittleBrownDog said…
Congratulations, Chris - that's quite an achievement. Knicker cull long overdue in this quarter - I tend to hang on to mine until the elastic simply disintigrates and lets me know in no uncertain terms that the time has come. And always have to have exactly the same style from M&S, otherwise I Just Don't Feel Right. Also dabbled with a thong at one point, but never got the hang of it, either. I mean, why? SO uncomfortable.
lampworkbeader said…
Nip round and do a bit of sorting out for me will you Chris. I feel a trip to Sloggie land is needed as well. You could make an excellent sling shot out of a pair of thongs if the elastic still has a bit of a zing.
lampworkbeader said…
Congratulations about finishing the course, by the way.
Preseli Mags said…
Hurrah! Well done on finishing the course. Will you be having a sherry or two to celebrate?

A knicker cull is one way to celebrate, though. If a little unusual! There must be something in the air because I've had a big wardrobe reshuffle too. (All to do with finding 'working' clothes, then finding them too big, then panic shopping...) I need Gok!
Pondside said…
Bravo Chris!! Congrats on finishing!
As regards the underpinnings department - I tend to hoard them. I find some I like and buy them and put them away for good, until my undies drawer is bulging and then I do a cull of the oldies. make me laugh. A friend gave me a birthday card with the following inscription
"On your birthday
let go and get all thong-ish
Instead of all cotton-granny-ish"

In reality, I have found the in-between-ish compromise!
Pat Posner said…
Well done on finishing the course, Chris!
I'm like you with knickers - and bras as well *sigh* I suppose I'd better follow your example and get rid of a few dozen.

ChrisH said…
LBD, Phew! Glad I'm not the only one! (I hesitated about posting this in case there was a sharp intake of breath across cyberspace!) So true about the JDFRs!

Lampie, on a mission - I'll have a rummage through your drawers, oo-er, then we'll slog round to Sloggi Land!

Mags - NEVER panic when your clothes are too big! Give yourself a pat on the back and join me in a sherry or three. Good luck with the Back To Work wardrobe!

Pondie... I fear its too late for me! But, at least I'm ready to buy more after the cull!

Pat, thanks, Yes, do - its a rather liberating experience letting your surplus undies fly free!
JJ Beattie said…
It's my daughter's knickers that worry me...

She's 13 and sometimes I find knickers in there for 5 year olds! I am such a negligent mother!

Excellent news on your ECA, Chris.
Debs said…
Well done, that must be a relief to finish your ECA.

I once dyed and wore my first wedding dress to a fancy dress party, and everyone was so impressed I could fit into it, until I told them I'd altered the back, and the lace up effect hadn't been in the original design!
congrats on finishing the ECA - still on course for a nightmare ending here.
As for the knicker cull - frightening thought of opening the drawer puts me off at the moment - one day perhaps
Pipany said…
Love the idea of a knicker cull Chris! About time here too methinks. Congrats on finishing your assignment. I so remember the utter elation that accompanies the sending of it.Bliss! x
Love the painting.

Oh sigh . . . the dreaded knicker draw - I was trying to ignore mine and the need to replenish . . .

But WHOOP WHOOP to finishing - we will be able to feel the gust of relief when you hand it in.
Calico Kate said…
A friend of mine thought that the wider triangular bit of a thong went over her widest bit so put it on back to front, decided never again and threw it in the bin!

A knicker tip - only buy black they take longer to go grey!
Calico Kate said…
Oh and a very well done on the course completion from me too. :)
ChrisH said…
JJ, I'm so pleased my knickers don't have age labels on them, that would be real clue as to how long they've been lurking... mind you, I could probably do with a few, 'best before' dates!

Debs, I think I shall know the true freedom when I post it tomorrow hopefully (yet more car trouble has stopped me getting to post office as I need a receipt).

SBS, I take my hat off to you for fitting it all in - I don't have any sheep or school age folks to look after.

Pip, yes, a PC, knicker cull may be called for! Hope to feel the true elation when I post my ECA tomorrow (fingers crossed, cars being willing!).

WW, thanks you - I shall let Tom know. PC knicker cull then? Then, very soon, the cry of WHOOP! WHOOP!

Kate, that's a wonderful, if uncomfortable-making story - brilliant!! Thanks for the tip and the good wishes!
Exmoorjane said…
Well done on the ECA - and lucky lucky you that can still fit into her wedding suit....deepest envy. I'm a knicker hoarder too....
ChrisH said…
Jane, thanks! As to shape... myabe I was just a strange shape in the first place :)!
Cottage Garden said…
Congratulations on completing your ECA Chris! I second what everyone has been saying on the question of knicker culls - who would have thought underpinning could elicit such deep feelings...

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