One Wedding Anniversary, One New Job and Two New Homes

I March
St David’s Day arrives with blustery wind, sunshine and blue skies. It’s also my wedding anniversary; nine years ago Tom and I tied the knot in what started off as a small ceremony and grew! Lots of happy memories both of that day and of the intervening years. Tonight Tom and I are off to see Duffy at Aberystwyth and I’m really looking forward to it. I booked the tickets some time ago when people were still saying, ‘Who?’ so I feel particularly pleased with myself.

It’s been a good week, although very busy one. On Monday, whilst we were driving half way round Wales trying to sort cars out, I got the brilliant news that Lily has a new job with a very highly respected organisation. Apparently she was head and shoulders above the other candidates - well OF COURSE SHE WAS! This is my baby we’re talking about here, anything less than total adoration and I would have had something to say!! Yes, I know I’m having a proud mummy moment but Lily is a truly lovely girl so they’re lucky to have her!

On Wednesday it was back down south to check on Ma who has turned her renovation project of a flat into a show room in four months (where does that woman find the energy?). Then it’s over to meet my lovely Rose from work for a quick catch up with her before heading to Worthing and Mil and Dil.

The real purpose of the trip south is to help Stepson One and Girlf move into their first home together. We’re up at crack of doom the next morning and only stop for a quick refuelling break with Stepson Two who is on a rest day on his band, Clocks’, hectic tour. Then it’s on with the next vanload. As teachers, and with a bit of help, Stepson One and Girlf, been able to scrape enough funds together to take out a mortgage. Commendably they haven’t been seduced by showy décor or posh finishes but have invested in a property with potential. Their flat is scruffy with ancient wallpaper and threadbare carpets but it’s home and once we’ve arranged furniture and made the bed they are both beaming.

Well, we’ve all been there and Tom and I had to do it again when we moved into together. Having been on the receiving end of two bloody divorces there wasn’t a lot of cash left in the system. We trawled around trying to find something vaguely habitable and eventually arrived at a tiny Victorian cottage, with a narrow strip of a front garden between us and the pavement and a miniscule concrete ‘courtyard’ to the rear. Downbeat and desperate, Tom, Lily, Rose and I walked into lashings of battleship grey painted woodchip paper and a similarly grim grey carpet and fell in love with the place. Something shone out from the austere interior which made us all feel warm and welcome; it was a brilliant place to start our new life together – here’s wishing the same for Stepson One and Girlf.

Hwyl fawr!

Painting is 'Chapel Window' by Tom Tomos


Elizabethd said…
Isnt it lovely when the young get on the house ladder. Yours sound very sensible and probably will 'make do' for a while rather than going hell for leather into credit card buying. I remember all my first house furniture coming from auction sales, and being proudly done up.
Happy anniversary!
Fennie said…
Hi Chris, yes that first house or flat - thats what its all about, isn't it. We could almost do a PC exercise on 'my first home' - almost makes me feel nostalgic. Still you are busy as always and no doubt the experiences will throw up lots of blogging and writing ideas. Best wishes and congrats to you and your family. Fenniexx (ooh and a happy anniversary from me too. Pob hwyl!)
LittleBrownDog said…
Wishing them well indeed for their first home - it must be incredibly tough these days, house prices being what they are. It's funny, though that somehow you always seem to be able to see beyond the battleship grey...

And congratulations to Lily, too - of COURSE she got the job!

And to you, too, and Tom for your anniversary.

Cait O'Connor said…
Happy Anniversary Chris
(and St David's Day).
Duffy has a fantastic voice doesn't she? I envy you seeing her, I didn't know she was on in Aber.
Wel done your daughter too. And Clocks! You must be so proud.
Ah first homes, they are special aren't they. I wish them happiness there.
Happy anniversary! Congrats to Lily! And loads of good wishes to the new home builders! I so remember the first night ...ripping off wallpaper that was covered in purple cabbages ...I simply refused to spend the night in a room with purple cabbages.....
PS loved that picture!
Frances said…
Chris, wishing you a very happy anniversary, and happy mothers day, too.
That Painting is extremely beautiful!
Lane said…
Happy Anniversary Chris!

Your first cottage together sounds wonderful. Houses really can 'speak' can't they:-)
lampworkbeader said…
Happy anniversary. It is so true that you can tell a house by the atmosphere as soon as you walk in. I felt exactly the same about this house.
Flowerpot said…
happy anniversary Chris and I'm so glad you found a house to fall in love with.
Debs said…
Happy anniversary, Chris. Dh would love to be able to see Duffy as he loves her music, she has such a strong voice, I bet you had a terrific time.

Well done to Lily and to everyone with the new homes and the renovations. What a busy time.
Pondside said…
Happy Anniversary Chris. All that family activity is a good way to celebrate your years together, I think. You have't just accomplished 9 years - it seems that you've knit together a friendly family. Good luck to the new flat-owners!
Happy Anniversary. Congratulations to Lily and congratulations to the newly homed couple . . . you are right to find your 'home' you so often have to look to the soul of the house and it takes a special eye to do that. Once bought a new house - thought we had fallen in love with it - well I was pregnant at the time - what we had actually fallen in love with was how homely the current owners has made it . . .they left and we were left with a soulless new build . . .we didn't stay very long . . .
Pipany said…
Oh I loved this blog Chris. So love the fact that your stepson and girlf have managed to get a home and could almost see their faces. Fab! Our home is the result of little left over cash after a divorce but I love its shabby rooms and your writing just took me back to the day I walked in full of tears and felt something calming - a little ray of hope. Dear me, I could go on and on!!! xx
Zinnia Cyclamen said…
Happy Belated Anniversary, I hope it was a good one. Ooh and look at your rewrite counter! You're nearly there!
My sincere apologies Chris, have been trying to catch up, and then noticed it was a very special day for you last Saturday.

Wishing you a belated HAPPY 9TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.

Brilliant news about your daughter moving into her first home, wishing her the very best of luck.

I love the painting of gorgeous Blue.


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