Happy Endings, New Beginnings

Blended families come with conflicting loyalties and at Christmas time nearly everyone has somewhere else they feel they ought to be. Throw partners into the equation and it gets even more complicated. Since Tom and I aren’t especially hung up about Christmas we’re happy to let our children go with the strongest flow, but I have to say it was a great delight to have the girls and their partners staying with us this year. When such moments are few and far between they become very precious.

My stepsons weren’t far from our thoughts either, not least because we had the very happy news on Christmas Day that my elder stepson and his girlfriend had become engaged. Congratulations Dan and Gill, here’s wishing you every happiness together.

Tom and I end a year that has seen the fruition of many years work, both of us crossing important thresholds within weeks of each other. I’m really looking forwards to seeing Turning the Tide published next year and it’s been so satisfying, after all this time, to become a full member of the Romantic Novelists Association. In the meantime I have another OU deadline fast approaching so today’s post will be brief for that reason!

Whilst I have been fortunate to have a happy ending to my year, another family didn’t but they still managed to give the promise of a new life to Jessica Wales. Sometimes there’s hope in the darkest places.

Painting is 'West Coast Surf' by Tom Tomos


elizabethm said…
I am so glad you were able to share some great times with both your girls and your stepsons. also you know how delighted I am about the book! Almost feel I have done it myself! (Well not really, but quite unreaonably delighted for you)
I am not a great one for resolutions but agree it would be marvellous to meet in 2010. xx
Kate Harrison said…
Have a wonderful new decade - being published in 2010 is bound to get the next ten years off to a great start!

Kate xx
Debs said…
I also have a blended family and this year is was the turn of the other parents to have both Rob's boys and my two, so it was fairly quiet.

Congratulations to your stepson and well done to you and Tom for ending the year/decade with such positive news and great achievements.x
LittleBrownDog said…
Sounds like you've got a lot to look forward to in 2010 - here's to a great year ahead. Good to hear hopeful news for Jess at last, and that someone's tragedy, awful though that must be, is not without a ray of hope. Can't wait to see TTT in the spring.

Happy new year. xoxo
"Since Tom and I aren’t especially hung up about Christmas we’re happy to let our children go with the strongest flow"

I like this. Because with married children, there can be problems and hurt feelings with who goes where when at the holidays. Better to go with the flow, stay happy and enjoy the times together while they last!
Flowerpot said…
Sounds like next year is looking very promising Chris - I am so pleased for you all!
mountainear said…
Hope your 2010 turns out to be as promising as you hope. Seeing your words in print will be fantastic.

Like Elizabethm I think a meet up is a splendid idea.

Best wishes.x
Preseli Mags said…
Nice to hear of your lovely Christmas and congratulations to Dan and Gill. You've got some great excuses for opening the champagne this New Year. Have a terrific one. Cheers!
looks like 2010 could be champagne all the way - and vol au vonts of course! We have a 'blended' family too and I always just say 'look lets make a date for one day when WE will do the business!' so Xmas day this year falls on 1 Jan - fine by me - and I know we will raise the roof!
Hey if you lot are arranging a meet up dont forget me ....I'm coming!
LittleBrownDog said…
Me too (meet-up, that is). Esp if there are going to be vol au vents and champagne.
Tam said…
Happy New Year, Chris. Here's to being published!
Pat Posner said…
Happy New Year, Chris

Liane Spicer said…
Have a wonderful year, ChrisH and Tom. Another beautiful painting for our viewing pleasure!

Congratulations again on the sale of TTT. I'm looking forward to seeing it in the, um, flesh!
Frances said…
Chris, again I want to congratulate you on that fabulous book publication news. Bet that 2010 will bring you even more wonderful news.

Gosh, we might actually get to meet!

Best wishes with your running, too, and hoping that those crazy barking dogs stay well away from you. xo
Fennie said…
Happy New Year, Chris! A new decade, a new book. Onwards and upwards. Like the idea of the romantic novelists association. But aren't all novels romances? Of this sort or that? Or maybe it's just that the novelists are romantic, dashing off on conferences to Capri and dancing cheek to cheek. If so one expects more that simply an 'association,' which is a bit of a let down - wouldn't 'partnership' be better or even 'union' or even 'co-operative union'

I just have this vision of a posse of romantic novelists, tears in their eyes, returning to the ruins of Manderley and drinking Pimms on the croquet lawn.

Sorry, just blethering as usual. Bloody well done you, all the same!
Pondside said…
Very wise, Chris. We spent so many Christmases of the children's childhood driving to our parents' homes that I swore I wouldn't ask it of ours.
What a great year you've had and what a lot you've got ahead! Will you be looking for one of those big hats and pink frilly dresses to go with the Pims suggested by Fennie?
Cottage Garden said…
2010 is going to be great for you Chris - Happy New Year to you and your family!

Jeanne x
JJ Beattie said…
What a wonderful end and beginning your news has been.

I can't wait to keep following your story...

Happy 2010 and thanks for your continued support over at mine.

ChrisH said…
Sorry to get back to everyone so late but now that my festive seasons visitors are on their way home here's wishing you all a very happy and peaceful 2010.

Elizabeth, I think we all share that feeling of being delighted when we've 'been there' with fellow bloggers - I'm thrilled to see the lovely photo of your new grandchild. Now that is exciting!

Kate, a giant thanks to you for all your support. I do hope you're right about the next decade!

Debs, yes we had the quiet year last year. Thanks for your congratulations and all the best to you for your next novel and for 2010.

LBD, what a star you've been. Thank you for being there and here's to some fab North Nodes in 2010 (is that right?!)

Karen, I do think it's better to let everyone do their own thing - and yes, it's lovely (and important) to make the most of the good times when they're there.

FP, I know you are, thank you. Congratulations on the impressive journalism in 2009, here's wishin you continued success with that and with fiction in 2010.

Mountainear, thank you, you're very kind. Let's sort something out when for the Spring ( I think Aber would be very bracing at the moment!).

Mags,... we could get quite used to Champagne O'Clock!!!

SBS, I wouldn't expect you and yours NOT to raise the roof; it always sounds as if you're living life to the full over there. Yo know that I wish you all the very best (and few less worries) for 2010. Cx

LBD... and profiteroles!

Tam, thank you m'dear. Many congratulations on all your success in 2009 and everything to come in 2010.

Pat, Happy New Year to you too X.

Liane, thank you very much from both of us. Happy New Year and continuing success to you too!

Frances, I do appreciate the good wishes for the bad dogs to stay away from me... I certainly don't want to turn the other cheek! Will email you with news.

Fennie, well the clothes fairies still haven't been so this romantic novelists is still clumping around in her jeans I'm afraid, although I like your thinking. Thanks for the good wishes and support and here's wishing you all good things in 2010 too.

Pondside, that is an excellent idea! I will put in a request to the Clothes Fairies. Yes, just let the children get on with it as far as poss. Much better for them. Here's wishing all the very best for 2010 to you and the Great Dane.

Jeanne, thank you so much. Happy New Year to you and yours too.

JJ, it's always a pleasure and fascinating reading to see what you're up to. Good luck with the novel in 2010.
AmberlyThrower said…
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Sallys Chateau said…
I'm so thick with a cold my brains gone numb but a wonderful start to the New Year for you both by the sound of things.
Lane said…
Happy New Year Chris.

What better way to start the new decade than to have your latest baby go out into the world. Go TTT!

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