Something in the Hare

We travelled home the other night beneath a clear, sapphire sky with Jupiter twinkling on an invisible thread off a sliver of a crescent moon. Suddenly there was a movement in front of the car; a hare, pale gold in the headlights, loping in front of us before leaping into a bank.
‘Ooh,’ says Rose, when I tell her, ‘Isn’t that symbolic?’ So I look it up and read about fertility, longevity and rebirth none of which seem particularly relevant at first, unless I suddenly find I’m expecting octuplets in which case I’m straight off to the papers.

But then I start thinking about everything that’s happened over the last couple of weeks; certainly, so far as my writing is concerned, I do feel reborn. I’m overflowing with ideas and looking forwards to getting them down in the New Year. Tom, too, has crossed a threshold this week; he’s passed his degree and achieved a Diploma in Music some thirty-odd years after deciding, as a very homesick eighteen year-old, that university the first time round wasn’t for him. Along the way, as an OU student, he’s battled with two bouts of severe illness and personal turmoil, but has come through with distinction – I’m really proud of him.

We’ve had some lovely family moments too; sitting in a Caribbean restaurant with my stepsons and one of their girlfriends enjoying good food and laughter was, at one stage, something I wouldn’t have believed could happen. Today, Rose and Si join us and Lily and Russ are due tomorrow so our family has certainly expanded in interesting ways! As for longevity, I caught up with three of my lovely and enduring Ace Gang this week, though in our thoughts is our dear girl, Ju, whose mother is so very ill.

Yet it seems that the hare is also a paradoxical creature symbolic of opposing traits; yesterday I was absolutely thrilled to bits when my publishers, who have been a complete delight to work with, sent me the most ravishing box of chocolates for Christmas (it’s up there with winning a tin of chocolates at primary school so far as best ever writing moments go!). I have to say I did have a serious ‘Cor! I could get used to this’ feeling, but because it’s been so long coming I’m also wary of jinxing it so I’m trying to take it one day at a time and simply enjoy each minute.

Best wishes to you and yours this Christmas.

Painting is 'O Say Can You See By the Dawn's Early Light' by Tom Tomos


Flowerpot said…
I think the hare is a wonderful image, Chris, particularly dancing on a moonlit night. Put that in your next novel! Iknow it's been a rollercoaster of a year so wish you a happy Crimble and all the best for the New Year. xxx
LittleBrownDog said…
Firstly, Well Done Tom - that's amazing. It really takes some sticking power, not to mention some serious cleverness and brain power to nail one of those OU degrees. Total respect to him.

And well done you, too - I'm so pleased to hear this year is ending so brilliantly for you, with lots to look forward to in the new one.

I don't know about octuplets, but it says on the Hare Preservation Trust website that "The hare is a symbol of enlightenment, not only of the spirit but of the dawn, the dawn of the day and the dawn of the year which we call spring." Jupiter, of course, is the Greater Benefic, bringing all manner of good things.

So that sounds good then.

Happy Christmas, Chris, and the very happiest of New Years. xoxox
Preseli Mags said…
I haven't seen a hare for ages - it must have been such a magical moment. It does sound like a very good omen too. Well done to Tom. That's a great achievement. You both have much to celebrate this Christmas and what a great new year to look forward too. Have another choccy!
Ian said…
I would love to see a hare like that, sounds just magical. You have both achieved so much (and I include your relationship with your stepsons in that having some idea of what it takes). Hope you have a peaceful Christmas and an exciting New Year!
elizabethm said…
I hadn't noticed that he was signed in so have just left you a comment as my dearly beloved, if you are mystified!
Fennie said…
A hare leaping along in the darkness below a crescent of a moon that dangled Jupiter from a silver thread - what an opener! - what a beginning! After that all things are possible. The future is the dark, unseen road ahead, the hare leading you forward before sending you off on your own with Jupiter, planet of expansion and good fortune, under the mysterious and silent moon. All things are now possible for you: even longevity, fertility and creativity. I expect if you look carefully there will be gold too, somewhere. Maybe your next novel will be about omens and hares dancing in the darkness in the wild night of a Welsh winter. And the glint of gold in a rushing stream.
ChrisH said…
Fp, thanks for your good wishes - ame to you.

LBD, Yes, he is a right old clever clogs! I'm very pleased that the omens are good. All hail to our North Nodes! Happy Christmas to you too.

Mags, they're slowly disappearing! The chocs, that is, not the hares. Happy Christmas across the Preseli!

Ian/elizabeth! I was confused for a minute - thank you, m'dear. All good wishes for the festive season to you too.

Fennie, I think you've already started writing it! Happy Christmas.
Lane said…
What a beautiful image. That's so potent.

Big well dones to Tom and wishing you both a fabulous Christmas and a very happy New Year.

I think you'd better get used to 'that' feeling 'cos I think you're going to be having many more of them. Enjoy. xx
The Eyechild said…
There is something magical about hares - they have tremendous presence. I always feel very honoured to see one.

Congratulations to Tom - that's quite an achievement.
Anonymous said…
Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year from the Dark Skipper.
Tam said…
And a very merry one to you and your, too. 2010 is going to be a very special year for you x x
Cottage Garden said…
Lovely post Chris. Thank you for your Christmas wishes and may I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and all the very best for the New Year!

Jeanne x
Debs said…
Congratulations to Tom, for an incredible achievement, and to you for having done so well this year with your writing and your running.

Hope you all have a truly fabulous Christmas and that 2010 is even better for you. x

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