Walking in Sunshine

Looking towards the Cleddau Bridge at Neyland (the bridge makes a great run)
‘Right then, give me the camera and I’ll take a picture of you, too,’ says Tom. And then… but, wait, that comes later. 

If there is a downside to living in a house with sea views, it’s that it’s easy to sit indoors and take root. Especially when it’s damp and cold. But you have to feel the world not just watch it go by, so we try to make a point of going out once a week just to do something different.

The sunshine’s been so lovely this week that it’s looked like summer, despite the bitingly-cold wind. We decided to treat ourselves to a takeaway of sausage and chips (we know how to live) at Neyland, on the River Cleddau, then walk along the coast from the beach at Whitesands to the rocky headland of St David’s Head. I really like coastal path walking; I like being on the edge of the land and this particular walk isn’t too long but undulates just enough to feel as if you’ve put in a bit of effort.

The gorse was in bloom ...

The scenery was dramatic ...
Looking back towards Carn Llidi
I was happily following my true love to the headland …
Where he decided to take my photo only he DROPPED MY CAMERA! Which bounced off from rock to rock taking one final photo of me as it fell …
When it was retrieved the camera was not happy and neither, I have to admit, was I. I wasn’t cross, just sad. However, it seems that my mourning was premature. The camera’s looking worse for wear, but a bit of percussive maintenance seems to have got it working again. Another day to remember!


Jane Lovering said…
Oh, but what a view! How lovely to be able to get out and enjoy the world like this - cameras can be replaced (I know, but they can...)whereas that particular view on that particular day, in that particular light, can't be. Fabulous. I just hope you're still speaking...
Sarah Tranter said…
LOL - most definitely a day to remember - if the scenery wasn't memorable enough. Stunning! And am very green over here in land-locked Wiltshire. It must have been freezing though X
Frances said…
Chris, what a gorgeous place to find sunshine! I am very glad that your camera is still clicking...and do like Tom's photo of you, too.

On the topic of technology, thank you very much for your comment over at my place. (I also tend to have chilly fingertips....)

Fennie said…
So easy to drop a camera. I have dropped mine often. Fortunately these days they seem surprisingly robust, unlike their owners. What a wonderful spot you live in though. Glad it all worked out though.
It sounds to me as though you have got the perfect life/work balance, Chris.....and all the better for that. Fabulous pic, fabulous post.....you sure you don't do B&B????
Mandy K James said…
Smashing views! And you were very lucky. A nice pic of you at the end xx
Chanpreet said…
How gorgeous is that view!

When I was a child I'd see a view or the photograph of an astonishing view and immediately start daydreaming about what could have happened there. If I was a writer, it'd be great, but alas, I'm only a reader!

And it is serendipitous that your camera took such a wonderful picture as it was falling, but felt well enough to go on. My phone has suffered many a similar event and yet it too keeps working well, but with some physical injuries.
Shirley Wells said…
Lovely, lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. I miss my sea views so am ultra jealous.

Glad the camera's still working. I love my camera but they've brought out a better model that I'm currently lusting after so I may just go and drop mine over a cliff... ;)
Sherry Gloag said…
Glad your camera survived the drop, but it sure took a great picture of you during its adventures. Loved the other pics too.
Noelene said…
Christine, we were in Wales two years ago but not this area. Living hours inland in a hot dry Australian climate, I love any chance to get to the ocean and walk on the beach. Such views and emotional therapy.
sheepish said…
How gorgeous, I adore the sea especially when the coastline is rugged. My idea of heaven would be to live by a rocky cove with my own private beach in a warm climate so that I could swim all summer and then enjoy wild stormy winter days. Haven't won the Lotto so it won't happen this year!!!
Flowerpot said…
So glad you had a good walk Chris - it looks stunning. And with dry weather and sunshine - wonderful. PS Never knock sausage and chips. Wonderful grub... Glad teh camera's survived though.
What a beautiful place to walk, those views are amazing.

I'm glad the camera survived, almost intact.
Chris Stovell said…
Jane, you're right and it is good to just get out there on the rare days when the sun is shining.

Certainly was a day to remember, Sarah!

Frances, thank you and I hope you've found the answer to your question and a satisfactory replacement for your old laptop.

Fennie, thank you. I must admit I never thought it would work again - but it does, phew!

Linda, - it sometimes feels as though we do. Thanks for dropping by.

Thank you, Mandy - fellow GC!!

Chanpreet, I think the two go together - like so many writers, it was my love of reading that made want to write, so... And thanks for your kind comment.

Fortunately, Shirley, I don't have camera lust! I hopeless with anything other than a simple 'point and shoot' which was why I was so distressed seeing mine bounce from rock to rock! You could try it, but they seem to be more robust than they look! I'm glad you enjoyed the views.

Sherry, thank you for dropping by and for your kind comment.

Noelene, hi and welcome. Hot and dry sounds lovely just now after so much rain here, but I know that the temperatures there have been extreme and difficult to cope with. We are very lucky here to have so many lovely beaches on our doorstep and it's good to ring the changes and revisit walks we haven't done for a while to remind ourselves of that.

Sheepish - we've got the lovely beach and most of the time it's so quiet it could be ours alone... but it could certainly do with being a bit warmer!

Flowerpot - it was great actually, although I was defeated by a mountain of chips!

Debs, I've enjoyed the wonderful views from your part of the world on your blog too. It's a lovely way to see the world from your desk.

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