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Happy memories of the Llanelli Half Marathon! Post-race triumph!
I’ve been for a run; a joyful, glad-to-be-alive run in the bright winter sunshine. Nothing crazy; just a tentative two-miler after a long, long absence. During the time out, I’ve written about my love of running, I’ve thought about it and dreamt about it, but I was beginning to fear that running was destined to become one of those things I ‘used to’ do. 

My enforced absence has been due to a troublesome posterior vitreous detachment (no, not a troublesome posterior) which – she says keeping everything firmly crossed – seems to have settled down. I hope. Though, of course, since both my eyes are the same age and are equally short-sighted it’s possible that I’m not out of the woods yet.

Anyway, this morning all went well. From that first moment of picking up my heels, filling my lungs with cold, clear air and settling into the familiar rhythm of the ground passing under my feet, it was an utter joy to be out there again. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed it until Tom said, ‘how did it go?’ as I walked through the door and promptly burst into tears! It might well have been the slowest, most tentative run I’ve ever done – but it was a start.


Maggie Christie said…
Hurrah! Good for you! I now know how frustrating it is not to be able to run, so I'll cheer you on with your return and hope that I'm soon hot on your heels again. Such good news!
Fennie said…
Oh no! Here we go again, back to the tales of masochism in the rain, the troublesome dogs kept at bay only by employing sausages as a species of protection money, angry farmers, reckless motorists......

.....but seriously though you have a lot of courage. Good luck! I'll wave someday if you're passing.
Jane Lovering said…
Ah, running, yet another form of masochistic pleasure that we have in common - very glad to see your return to it! Oh, writing is the other form of masochistic case you were unsure...
Mandy K James said…
I am so pleased for you. I used to run. Yes, I have to say 'used' unfortunately. My knees won't have it now. I remember hating the thought of running but then when I was actually doing it - I loved it. I hope to walk though once I live somewhere that has nice places to walk in! Won't be long...hopefully. Keep running for both of us xx
Livbet said…
Am full of admiration for anyone who can run for more than 30 seconds, which is my limit. I do walk to work which is 25 minutes or so, and occasionally run for a bus and spend the rest of the journey recovering.

Good for you, Chris. x
Chris Stovell said…
I feel so much better for it, Mags - just brilliant to be out there again.

I expect so, Fennie, I'm finding my way round an area which I haven't actually run before so have yet to find out where the wild dogs, escaped horses and - aarrgh - the menacing pheasants live!!

Not forgetting the duct tape, Jane, (no people - not in a fifty shades of mucky bucket way) but in a 'might be needed to stick my hips back on' kind of way.

I'll do that, Mandy, m'dear! I usually hate the thought of any exercise until I begin then I wonder what all the fuss was about. This morning it just felt so great to be running again that I forgot about the pain x

Liv - by my reckoning you walk for 50 minutes a day which is pretty good exercise so I think you're doing all right. And thank you! x
Pondside said…
Good for you! As long as you do what you love, even in small spurts, there's no reason not to do it as long as you like.
I'm so pleased for you.x

You make running sound so enjoyable, but I just get puffed after about 50 yards!
Frances said…
Bravo to you, Chris!

Your joyous face in the photo really tells the tale. The day looks to have been a fine one weatherwise, too.

It just might be that there are only encouraging, friendly pups along the routes in your current area.

Do take care of your eyes, and let your eye doc know what you're up to with those running shoes. Of course, you've already done this!

Chris, it was a sunny blue sky day here in NYC today, but the gusts of wind were up to 40 miles per hour. I so wanted to take a walk in the Park, but figured I might not be able to stay on the ground.

Chris Stovell said…
Pondside, Tom thinks I'll still be struggling to get out for a run when I'm in my eighties! Time will tell!

Debs, I think the secret of exercise is to find something you enjoy - I always hate the thought of going out the door, but I love it once I'm out there.

Frances, that was actually post-Llanelli half marathon. We began the day in rain and very cold temperatures and it hailed heavily around mile six, then the wind got up and it was almost impossible to run in to it! It was still one of the most enjoyable races I've done. Yesterday was perfect for running; bright, cold and clear so it was lovely to be out there. Those gusts of wind in NYC don't sound good for walking, let alone running!
sheepish said…
I am so pleased for you, I have been running for the last 20 + years and am miserable when I can't run. Have just had a spot of back trouble and haven't run for a few days and can't wait to get going again. So I can imagine how great you must feel, but do take it steady won't you.
Chris Stovell said…
Thank you, Sheepish - your comment was very timely, I've been watching carefully to make sure my eye's still ok but my legs were a bit sore even after that short distance and a thorough warm up!
Posie said…
ooh I haven't been in Llanelli for years, happy childhood memories. So glad you had a good run and are getting back into the rhythm of it. I love my daily runs so can completely appreciate how you were missing them Chris.

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