Blooming Marvellous!

Look, I just have to show you these!  I know that bulbs are supposed to produce flowers, but most of them are not planted by me - fortunately!  This is the same bulb kit I showed you a few weeks ago, the one my dear friend Ann gave to each of us that make up my ace gang girl group, The Thursday Girls.  Ma and my sister are both passionate gardeners. Ma's attitude to gardening is incredibly relaxed; so long as she's outside doing something, she's happy and she can make the saddest, most neglected plants grow.  My sister's brilliant at garden design and creating beautiful, elegant outdoor spaces. Although the gardening gene seems dormant in my case, I was determined that I would succeed with this little pot of bulbs for Ann, who has a birthday this week, for my Thursday Girls, who I miss.  Here's to friendship!


Flowerpot said…
WEll done you, Chris! I just love crocuses - and I've got some over on my blog too - but I had nothing to do with growing them! x
I know what you mean about the gardening gene. When my father was in a nursing home, one of the therapists tried to interest him in gardening. We had to tell the well-meaning girl that Dad's idea of gardening was 800 acres of wheat -- not a geranium in a pot!!
Cait O'Connor said…
Thanks for your kind and helpful comments on the website Chris.

Beautiful flower - I would be pleased too - although I garden outdoors I have never really planted bulbs indoors.

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