'Welsh Noir' and News from Wales

Waking up to leaden skies and yet more rain driving against the window, I was very interested to hear an item on Radio 4’s Today programme about the potential for ‘Welsh Noir’. Hinterland, a new detective drama currently being filmed in and around Aberystwyth, has been bought by DR Denmark, the Danish company behind The Killing. The weather here is certainly bleak and grey enough at times to make me feel as if I’m living in a Danish drama, but what’s made me a huge fan of Scandinavian dramas like The Killing and The Bridge is the quality of the writing. The second series of Borgen, the political drama, has, for me, been outstanding and I particularly like being allowed to work the story out for myself instead of being spoon-fed.  

So, will ‘Welsh Noir’ become the next big thing? Well, Ed Thomas, the producer of Hinterland, put his finger on the essence of wide appeal when he stressed that authentic stories also had to be universal; or, to use a familiar catchphrase, it’s about local stories for global markets and creating characters that audiences – or readers – care about. This stunning landscape provides a strong, atmospheric location, so if Hinterland has the stories and characters to match, it’s bound to be a success. And after ‘Welsh Noir’, will ‘Welsh Romance’ follow? If any TV producers would like to take Move Over Darling to the small screen, I’m very happy to discuss the project! 

In the meantime, I’ve been talking to Rhoda Baxter, about my inheritance books which was great fun to do (even though I sneaked rather more books in than I was supposed to). I’m also in the Western Mail this week talking about how sailing brought me to Wales.

And finally…
And in other news, the latest member of our blended and extended family is here! Many congratulations to Stepson One and his clever wife on the safe arrival of their beautiful son.

The epainting is Cefn Gwlad by Tom Tomos


Lane Mathias said…
I heard that programme too Chris. As a massive Scandi drama fan, I'm really looking forward to a bit of Welsh Noir.

And Welsh Romance too would be good!
Maggie Christie said…
I can't wait to see Hinterland and I hope it is the next big thing. Of course we need a film version of MOD - who would you cast as Gethin and Coralie? (I've been thinking about this while I walked the dogs this morning.)

Great article in the Western Mail too - does this mean you're back to running now? I hope so, I know how much you'll have been missing it.

And congratulations on the arrival of you step grandson.
Flowerpot said…
Oh that does sound good - all of it! I think a film version of MOD would be amazing - perfect for the small screen!
Sarah Tranter said…
Oh yes! A film version of Move Over Darling would be fabulous :)

It sounds like I have really missed out on not watching Borgen. Won't do the same with Welsh Noir.

Do let me know when the casting meetings begin for Gethin - am sure I could provide some valuable input and an extra pair of eyes can be useful :)
Chris Stovell said…
Hi Lane, it was interesting, wasn't it? Really looking forwards to the programme now.

Hi Mags, well, let me know who you come up with! The thing is it's always very hard to match 'real' people to the ones in my head who are equally real to me! I'm planning a gentle return to running after loads of low impact exercise - fingers crossed that I'm on the mend. And thank you!
Chris Stovell said…
Sue, thanks for the vote of confidence!

Sarah, typically I felt this week's episode of Borgen was slightly weaker - a venture into foreign policy - however, it's still head and shoulders above most dramas. Yes, I think a second opinion for casting Gethin would be useful... I wish!... we'll get Mags involved too!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your new family addition. Haven't visited for a while but always lovely to pop by and read some good news.

CJ x
Fennie said…
Since I saw this I have been struggling to find the pun that there must be between Dai (the name) and Die as in death (and Film Noir and Ffilm Ddu). It would be something like Dai's in Aberystwyth (Dies in......) but I think I'm trying too hard. I'm sure you can think of something better. Meanwhile, I'm still on Wallander.
sheepish said…
I shall definitely look out for the Welsh Noir. We miss a lot of good programmes because they come on an hour later and we don't hear about them til everyone is raving about them. The e-picture would be a good backdrop for a film noir!
Posie said…
Another lovely painting Chris, you must be so proud, and a baby in the family too x Now that would be very exciting if they made a Drama out of your latest novel....
Congratulations on having a new addition to you family!

I missed Borden, etc, but I am loving Stella and would be thrilled to see either/both of your books on the screen.
Chris Stovell said…
Thank you CJ, it was nice of you to pop by.

Fennie, it's becoming ever more noir-ish here so you'll have to work in a few black horse puns in the light of the recent news.

Sheepish, we're currently catching up with the first series of The Killing thanks to a birthday gift subscription to Love Film - I don't know what the options are for you where you live.

Posie, thanks for your good wishes. I'd love to see Move Over Darling or Turning the Tide on screen *wistful face*.

Debs, thank you - it's quite strange to adjust to our children having children, but he is a dear little baby (of course!!).
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