Snowed Under...

Apologies for being a bit elusive, but I'm trying very hard at the moment to crack on with Book Three.  It's therefore a bit rich of me to ask anyone else for their time, however, here's the latest book news for Move Over Darling for anyone who might be interested.

I'm a guest blogger at RomCon, home of the Annual Romance Readers Convention, today.
The large print of edition of Move Over Darling is out now, as is the audiobook, read by Charlotte Strevens who has a lovely warm voice and took immense trouble to get in touch with me before making the recording so she could be sure to get the accents right. You can hear a sample here.


Pondside said…
What a nice voice the narrator has!
Stay warm, chilblains in your fingers!
Flowerpot said…
No snow in Cornwall, but hope you are keeping warm. Great news on the Move Over Darling front....!
Fennie said…
Wow! Sounds great, Chris. So pleased for you that all is doing so well.
Frances said…
Chris, do keep cracking on with your newest novel. It's grand to learn that more readers (and even listeners) will now have a way to enjoy Move Over Darling.

You must be so happy with how all this is developing. Enjoy every minute. xo
I can't wait to listen to this when I get home from work. Happy writing!
Chris Stovell said…
It's lovely,isn't it, Pondside? I'm very happy with what I've heard.

Thanks, Sue - I was surprised at how much we had on the coast here.

Thank you, Fennie.

Frances, thank you, yes, it's lovely - I'm very pleased to have the different editions on my bookshelf.

Thanks, Debs - and you!

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