New Year Shoots

2012 was memorable both professionally and privately; a photo shoot for a national campaign, appearances in national press, a new book and a new son-in-law...

Photo by Exposure Photography
My working year

A happy day
But over Christmas and the New Year, everyone around us seemed to be struck down with illness or, in Ma’s case, by her iron falling off a high shelf on to her back (really, can this woman never tire of finding new and inventive ways of injuring herself?). And on the last day of the old year, there was news of a little death when our distraught next-door neighbour came to the door to ask our help in retrieving the poor worn-out body of the shy stray cat she had fed for three years from her garden. Tom and I always called it The Invisible Cat because it was so wary of human contact, but as we stood over it with our torches in the rain, we were both moved to see that the poor thing had tried, and just failed, to make it back to a place of safety, a basket in our neighbour’s greenhouse.

I felt a little apprehensive as the new year began with worries about parents, children and career (Fifty Shades of Grey may have done wonders for erotica, but has dented sales for writers like me who are interested in heads not tails). There’s some hard work ahead, but some green shoots too. This first week of 2013 has brought a £25 premium bond, busy times for Stepson Two and house-hunting for Lily and Russ. On Thursday Tom and I had a very touching request from Rose’s partner, Si, and Sunday brought one tearfully happy Rose with a big sparkly engagement ring which was brilliant news. Last but not least, Stepson One and his wife are expecting their first baby any day now… so you can imagine how jumpy we are every time the phone rings! 

The shoots in the photo are crocuses from my dear friend Ann, one of my Ace Gang, my beloved Thursday Girls. I’m not known for my green fingers so I was a bit doubtful when she presented us each with a bulb kit back in November – but look, here they are!



Frances said…
Happy 2013 to you and Tom. I do like the looks of those green shoots, and can tell from this post that your witty way with words is in full force as this New Year begins.

Isn't it amazing to have the forward and backward views of time and events that January encourages?

Sarah Tranter said…
Happy 2013, Chris. The green shoots have it, I'm sure. 2013 will be a great one - it's shaping up very well indeed :) X
Jane Lovering said…
Golly, that was a heck of a 2012 you had there - happy 2013, and may it be equally filled with events, but may they all be wonderfully positive ones!
Maggie Christie said…
Happy New Year - and it sounds as if it will be a really happy one, congratulations to all.

I love the green shoots - such a cheery sight.

I'm sure the FSOG bubble will soon burst - apparently the boxed set was this year's least wanted present.

Good luck with everything this year and with book three. *taps foot and looks impatient* :)
Lins' lleisio said…
I think your shoots will not just continue to grow, but flourish. Happy New Year to you and your family. PS no bottoms from me!
Morton S Gray said…
Happy 2013 - may it be a good one! Good luck with all of your projects writerly and otherwise. Mx
Pondside said…
It sounds like 2013 will rival 2012 for excitement in your world, Chris. I wish you all the best of it - you are well on your way!
Flowerpot said…
Looks like 2013 will be as emotional as 2012 - but in a happy way! Best of luck with everything, Chris and may it be a splendid year for you.
I love your heads not tails turn of phrase! Best of luck with all that is going on in your family. Maybe this will be the year I finally get to meet you. That would be good!

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