Don'ts and Do-ers

There must be some equation to the effect that the bigger the occasion, the worse the outbreak of bad behaviour.  I remember a few scraps at birthday parties when the girls were little and the usual round of ‘who’s going to eat what with whom’ at Christmas time, but the run-up to Lily and Russ’s wedding has certainly brought my blood close to boiling point several times.  It’s astounding how many people seem to forget that this is not about them, but a young couple marking the start of their journey together as husband and wife.  It is Their Special Day.  Surely that’s not too difficult to remember, is it?

On a happier note, I always admire the ‘can dos’, folks with a zest for life, and feel a bit sad for the ones who talk about the things they ‘used to do’.  It’s not about getting older - Ma’s a good example of someone whose lively curiosity is undimmed by age and infirmity - but about seeing opportunities rather than the lack of them.  So it was a lovely surprise when we got a call from some old friends who were up at Aberystwyth having travelled up from Fareham.  By boat. On their second circumnavigation of Britain! 

We invited them to spend a few nights on dry land with us and had a splendid time listening to their stories of crossing the Thames Estuary, dressing the ship in Poundland bunting for Jubilee celebrations at Wells and discovering the wonders of Hull.  At a time when one or two whingers have got me down it was lovely to share good times in the company of friends who know how to make them.

ePainting is Bedroom Window View, by Tom Tomos. 


Carol Hedges said…
Hi Hon, first time I've left a comment as we've only just met on Twitter. My lovely girl is marrying in Dec, and we had the same scenario - from a member of his family - wanted the date changed to fit in with their plans. Luckily Girlie held firm and stood her ground.
I agree that can-do people are to be celebrated. On that front: I am 62, just started blogging/tweeting and about to launch ebook- if Amazon and I don'e fall out!!! Catch me at my blog sometime: Love to welcome you to pensioner mayhem! : )_
Fran said…
I don't know what it is about big family events like weddings, funerals and, dare I say it, family Christmases, etc. They seem to bring out the conflicts!
Pondside said…
Chris, if we could have an hour together I'd tell you wedding stories! In the end, though, it was the 'that was everything that we'd hoped' that made it all worthwhile. That said, some people really surprised me by their demands and attitude - an eye opener! It's important to surround yourself with positive people - and keep smiling!
Frances said…
Chris, first of all...I really like Tom's picture. It wonderful to look at it and then look into it. Please also let him know how much I enjoy being able to see the picture on my wall. Every day.

Now, on to families, big events and all that. I would take my cue from the wise Pondside. As an aging woman with a collection of past proposals, yet no marriage, I sometimes wonder if I actually spared my mom and dad lots of angst, or added to their angst. No clue really, and I still do hope that a positive outlook and continuing good health might still bring me the opportunity to say "I do" to someone I truly wish to marry.

Jeepers...think that I went way off point.

I think that Lily's wedding is going to bring a very happy day and many happy thereafters.

Cally Taylor said…
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Cally Taylor said…
That's the wonderful thing about being a writer, we 'can do' well into old age (hopefully!)
Fennie said…
There's always something new to do. I make it an exercise: trying to do something, however small or humble, that I have never done before.
Friko said…
Everything is about 'some' people themselves, whatever you say, whatever the event, they make it into something that is all about them. Bad manners? No, not really, selfishness, self-centredness.

Congratulations to the new couple!

As for the older ones whingeing? I'm one of them, I say,damn, I can't do this any more.
Flowerpot said…
there's always someone who winges isnt there? Glad you had such inspiring company though Chris x
Love the idea of the bunting from Poundland! You are so right. Some people make the sun shine and some do the opposite. Just had a visit from my lovely sister who is definitely an energiser!

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