Cae Hir

At Cae Hir
We’ve seen a wonderful garden on Countrywise,’ says my sister who, with her family, is staying with us. ‘It’s not far from you. Shall we go and see it?’

Although Tom and I enjoy introducing our visitors to the attractions of this lovely part of the world, those regular trips can lose some of their charm if repeated too often. It makes a real change to go somewhere new to us. It’s also interesting to see how other gardeners are dealing with the challenges of this summer; the non-stop monsoon since April – apart from a handful of dry days – has rotted our veg, turned innocent shrubs into towering triffids and the lawn into a meadow.

Cae Hir

Both Ma and my sister are passionate gardeners; Ma, who hates not being able to get outdoors, can make the saddest specimen grow. My sister’s a wonderful plantswoman who creates elegant designs. Looking at the jungle that’s our garden at the moment just brings out my impatient streak and I feel like taking a shredder to the lot.

It’s just as well than that Wil Akkerman who, some thirty years ago, had the vision to turn six acres of rough pastureland into a beautiful and very special garden was born with a lot more patience than me! 

Created, as Wil’s proud children put it, by just one man and a spade, Cae Hir is an absolute delight and I would urge you to follow the links to its website here, the Countrywise programme here (while it’s available) or, best of all, to see the garden for yourself. My lasting impression was one of a spirit of generosity about Cae Hir; it’s there in the planting, in Wil and his family who gave their time to chat and share their experience and it’s even at the tea room, where five of us shared two enormous cafetieres of good coffee for the price of two cappuccinos from most chains.

Cae Hir
As for the non-stop rain? Wil’s only complaint was that it had made mowing the lawn difficult… so I can’t use that an excuse not to tackle the garden. I suppose I’ve just got to get out there!

(Apologies for my photos which were taken on a overcast morning and really don't do justice to this lovely garden!)


Frances said…
Chris, just having a garden of your own seems a dream. I do wonder if this year's record-setting rain, here and there, is a one off, or a glimpse of years to come.

If so, wonder which plants will be the winners. Still sort of in Olympic mode here.

Fennie said…
Know just what you mean about exhausting the visitor attractions. But there are some places here I never tire off and which have a certain magic. Your Cae Hir sounds like such a place.
Pondside said…
I can't resist a look at a beautiful garden - even if it does rather highlight the inadequacies of my own gardening skills!
Flowerpot said…
Looks lovely, Chris - as there hasnt been any sun recently, we can excuse the clouds!

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