Author's Corner and Bits and Pieces

Today I'm over at Choc Lit's Author's Corner blogging about the secret of success... my research shows there are no short cuts, unfortunately.

My apologies to all for being a tardy blogger and even tardier visitor.  Despite all of us doing our best to hold our nerves, the fast-approaching wedding seems to have created a frenzy of off-line activity.  I can't even begin to describe the trouble I've had looking for shoes (I have found some, thank goodness, two pairs, in fact, phew!; shiny heels for the day and some flatties - which looked very pretty in the picture but look suspiciously like slippers sprouting cabbages in real life - for evening).

The wedding's also galvanised me into attending to all those bits of essential maintenance I've been putting off too long; that niggling toothache - who wants to grimace through their daughter's wedding day?  Spare contact lenses - imagine squinting through the whole occasion!  And I've arranged long overdue appointments for all the bits of women's kit that need regular inspections - I won't go into details here, but hopefully all this vigilance will ensure I'll be in rude good health on the big day. 


Frances said…
Chris, what a busy agenda you're having! Isn't it amazing how big events can change our perception of time...more of that relativity stuff, I would guess.

I just know that the big wedding day is going to be a winner. Best wishes to all involved. xo
Maria Mohan said…
I'm over a month returned from my holiday in Ireland and Chris, I'm still not back to myself yet. I had such a fabulous, fabulous time. I don't think I'll ever be organised again. My blog is just about limping along and as for my actual 'writing' writing? Forget it.

All the best with the wedding and Chris, I'm looking out for your book in October!
Flowerpot said…
I'm still laughing over the description f your flatties - adn everything else! Take care Chris am sure it will all go wonderfully. (I never have a spare pair of lenses. Good idea, that....)
Debs Carr said…
You sound incredibly busy. I hope all your appointments go well and the wedding is brilliant.
Pondside said…
We all need to take our cars and ourselves in for 'servicing' and up-keep!

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