Sed Non Culpa Mea Est

It’s typical that after weeks of inactivity on the house front, there’s a rush*of viewings the very week that Stepson Two and Gorgeous Girlf are staying with us. Given that I’m fretting about how one book baby is faring in the big wide world whilst frantically gestating the other (actually that sounds a bit yucky, let’s not go there) there’s a fair bit on my mind.

On Monday afternoon the estate agent rings to make an appointment for the following evening. Or so I think. ‘6.30 tomorrow !’ I announce. On Tuesday afternoon we clear the house of clutter and people and I sit and wait for our viewers. I wait for half an hour and nothing happens so I summon the family home. Stepson Two and GG shrug it off, but Tom and I are both grumpy about the wasted time. I want to have a big rant at the person who stood us up but can’t because of a slight suspicion that I got the message wrong. After a night of wondering if I’m starting to crack, I ring the estate agents and get the happy news that it wasn’t me – hurray! Now I can have a rant!


Painting is 'Dinas Head' by Tom Tomos


Flowerpot said…
Oh how infuriating Chris (I know that feeling well of wondering if in fact it's my mistake!). Fingers crossed. Hope mood has lifted over in your direction. Still a bit murky here!
Lane said…
Inconsiderate barstewards. Have they not heard of the phone? Pah.
Fennie said…
That's always the way. The inconvenience goblin. Our lives are run by all these goblins to which we set our lives in thrall. You've probably got a book goblin and certainly a viewing goblin who is now laughing his head off while sliding down the banisters. What you need is a good thunderstorm. Nothing bad ever happens during thunderstorms - apart from the obvious of course - the goblins are just as afraid of the storms as you.
The answer then perhaps is one of those Van de Graaf thingies with which you can generate artificial lightening. I don't know what it might do for the punters queueing up to view - but I have a feeling that it might be almost as satisfying as a chainsaw.
liz fenwick said…
Like FP - I know that feeling of wondering if it's me too well.
Frances said…
Oh, Chris, I am so familiar with having to react to the constantly changing plans of others. Oh yes.

I like what Fennie wrote about thunderstorms and goblins. Maybe a rant is like a little, very local, thunderstorm?

Jane Lovering said…
Some people can be so inconsiderate, can't they? I shouldn't think the 'viewers' even thought about the inconvenience to you. Personally though, I admire your fortitude. It would kill me, having to keep a house clean and tidy.

So I just don't bother. But then, I'm not trying to sell..
Lou said…
I spent all of 2008 and most of 2009 cleaning my house in Oxfordshire. I even used to light open fires for those very inconsiderate people who didn't turn up....

I sympathise.
Debs said…
I had 18 months of that a few years back and it was so frustrating. As Lane said, haven't they heard of phones?
Elizabethd said…
People are so inconsiderate about keeping appointments.
T the T is ticking along very nicely here!
elizabethm said…
What a pain (and 3 sounds like a rush of viewings to me).
gaelikaa said…
Oh, I hate that! With mobiles and phones all over the place, you'd think they'd have the decency to call.....I could rant on and on about this.....
Pondside said…
Have a good rant - this is worthy. How inconsiderate - surely an agent more than anyone else should know what effort goes into readying a house for a viewing!
Pipany said…
How flipping rude! Not you Chris, obviously. The absolute nightmare of getting a house reasonable for viewing means you have every reason to rant, so rant away m'dear (and no more talk of gestating please!!!) x
Preseli Mags said…
Rant away - how inconvenient and inconsiderate. How will they know how lovely it is if they don't come when they say they will? Silly timewasters. Some lovely buyers will turn up soon. xx
been there done that got the tee shirt - two years of it _ I remember it so well - it puts me off doing it again - but its getting time. I simply cant understand why people are so rude.
LOL at the 'gestation' - is it the same characters? (Need to know what happened to the old boy in the caravan - definitely my type)
Calico Kate said…
How very rude. I hope they don't try coming around again! But look on the brightside ..... you have a tidy house!!
Liane Spicer said…
I HATE when people do that.

Frantically gestating? Yikes, Chris. Okay, won't go there... :D
Anonymous said…
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Kitty said…
Rude people - rant away!
I hope someone snaps the house up soon - I well remember the pressure of keeping house clean and tidy and a fresh vase of flowers on every available surface at all times!
PS - have passed your book on to Mum, she loves it too. (Although, really I should make an exception to the book-sharing for yours, they should all buy their own copy!).
Posie Rosie said…
I would be pretty hacked off at that too Chris, but could completely relate to the ...'was it me...did I get the time wrong...' I would also think maybe it was me who had made the mistake. Good luck with the next viewings xx
Cottage Garden said…
Rant away Chris!

Chris Stovell said…
Fp, yes, still a bit mixed too.

Lane, no. Alas.

Fennie, or a poke in the eye.

Liz, well, I can usually rely on myself but with so much going on felt wary this time!

Frances, yes, you've had your share of it!

Jane, well, it's nice that we can choose to eat our dinner off whatever surface we fancy. pity there are no viewers to see it.

Lou, hello and welcome. With us it's fresh flowers... feel a fire might be overegging it at the moment!

Debs, and no end to it either!

Elizabeth - good!

Elizabethm - by our standards it is!

gaelikaa, do join me. Let's rant!

Pondside, no one really seems to bother here. Just have to get on with it!

Pip, will do - on both fronts!

Mags, drumming fingers and looking out window hopefully!!

SBS, they may come back later (characters that is, not viewers!)

Kate, yes it is nice to come in to.

Liane - no, I don't think I will either!

Kitty, so pleased that your ma is enjoying it too - the more the merrier!

Rosie, thank you - much appreciated.

Jeanne, will try to stop now!!
Chris Stovell said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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