Champagne, Chocolates and Crazy Horses

Well, this is it; it's Turning the Tide's official publication day today – yes, I know it first appeared at the beginning of June, on the fifth anniversary of my dad’s death, in fact, but this is its official birthday.

I began the morning with an early training run keeping my eyes open for escaped wildlife after a truly exciting run on Sunday morning when I could see a blockade in the road ahead of me. ‘Are you moving cows?’ I asked, as a born-again country girl in tune with the rhythm of nature. ‘No,’ said one of the fielders in a very strong Welsh accent. ‘Ment-al 'orses.’ After checking further down the line I got the all clear to ‘go, if you’re quick.’ At which point I shot off like a woman possessed.

I was just congratulating myself on getting out of trouble when there was a huge commotion just in front of me and two horses charged out of a gap in the hedge! Fortunately, they galloped away from me rather than towards me, all I had to worry about then was the cavalcade of cars and quad bikes speeding after them. Anyway, today I got home without any extra excitement from fierce dogs, smelly dead things (you really don’t want to know) or crazy horses.

Anyway, I was just sitting here having a quiet post-sausage-sandwich write when the doorbell went and a delivery man (actually, that’s another story, but I don’t want my publication day to scar me for life) handed over (finally) a parcel. Inside was a box of yummy Belgian chocolates, a bottle of Moet and a card wishing Turning the Tide a happy birthday from my lovely publishers, Choc Lit. Isn’t that lovely of them?

Since it is Turning the Tide’s official birthday, I’d also like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s supported me along the way – I really appreciate it.


Cottage Garden said…
It all happens down your way Chris!

Many congratulations on TTT's official birthday - enjoy your lovely goodies from Choc Lit!

Pondside said…
Good heavens - you take your life in your hands for a run in your neighbourhood!
Congratulations on TTT - you did it!
liz fenwick said…
I'm so pleased for you!!!!
Debs said…
Congratulations and all the best of luck with your fabulous first novel. I loved it and know everyone else will too.x
Jane Lovering said…
I know all about mental horses - bloody things!

You look so happy in your picture (and a little relieved). Congratulations on your 'little one', may there be many siblings to follow.
Fennie said…
I'm hearing TTT singing as the horses jump out of the hedge:

"Do not forsake me oh my darling,
"On this my publication day."
Frances said…
Chris, I just love that picture and your smile!

It's grand to see that your publishers know how to treat ... really treat, their authors.

Bravo. xo
her at home said…
Champagne and a sausage sandwich! What a great way to start the day !! Happy Birthday Book!
Flowerpot said…
You deserve it Chris, every word of it! Though I am intrigued by the postman......
Pipany said…
Hurrah for you Chris. It is so well deserved after all your perseverance - the mark of a true writer. I hope you sell zillions xx
Pat Posner said…
Congratulations and Happy Official Birthday to TTT!

Chris Stovell said…
Jeanne, I know - so much for the peace of the countryside! Thank you!

Pondside, truly, you just never know what's round the next bend (sounds like a metaphor for life, doesn't it?!).

Liz, many thanks!

Debs - thank you, what a very kind thing to say.

Jane, I AM relieved!! Tell me more about the mental horses at conf.

Fennie, for a moment there I didn't think I was going to make publication day!

Frances, thank you - they sent a lovely card too so I felt very spoiled!

HaH, yes indeed, a good combo!

Fp, not my postman, fortunately... I'm still reeling from the experience!

Pip, oooh, so do I!! Seriously, it's great to finally reach this stage. Now, how's that book coming along?

Pat, thank you m'dear. Does it always feel this good?
Calico Kate said…
Fantastic - what a lovely thing to happen. Very well deserved.
Wishing you & 'it' all the best.
Kate Hardy said…
Congrats on the official publication of TTT, and how LOVELY of your publishers to send you lovely goodies! Am a day late here, but hope you thoroughly enjoyed publication day and were spoiled rotten by your nearest and dearest.
Preseli Mags said…
I bet the champers and the choc tasted all the sweeter on TTT's publication day too!

PS: All horses are mental (including mine!)
What a relief! Happy birthday!
Leatherdykeuk said…
Friko said…
congratulations, don't drink the bubbly all at once or by yourself, the next book might never get written.
Brown Dog said…
Many, many congratulations (a tad belatedly - sorry). Truly something to be proud of - beautifully written, beautifully produced (but please don't tell me what happens at the end because I haven't quite got there yet).

Hope Lilly is back up on her feet and feeling a lot better.

Wild horses - sounds like a very good omen to me.


Ps Enjoy those chocs!
Anonymous said…
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Posie Rosie said…
That is so like my daily run Chris...avoiding 'dangerous' animals ha glad your book is now on the shelves for everyone to enjoy, and fab getting choccies and champagne, good for you, well done. Posie x
Liane Spicer said…
LOL at the crazy horse run and smelly dead things!

Yay for the special delivery! I love your publishers! Happy Birthday TTT!
elizabethm said…
Congratulations and what a great send off from your publishers. I wasn't sure whether you had been on the receiving end of some Welsh sarcasm until I got a bit further down the blog. And how can someone be as slim as you are and indulge in sausage sandwiches? Doesn't seem fair somehow.
Karen said…
I've been chased by mad cows before - I'm terrified of them now!

Big congratulations on the official publication - it must make everything worthwhile :o)
Chris Stovell said…
(C)Kate, thank you. Hope everthing is flourishing at the Studio Barn.

Kate (H). Good to see you. Thank you! I did feel very spoiled and not a little starry! Well done to Choc Lit! (And nearest and dearest who've been great!).

Mags, will know about the horses in future... something else to look out for on country runs!

SBS, yes - it was a relief! (As you well know!) Hope all is a little less chaotic with you (some hope, probably!).

Rachel, thank you!

Friko, still sitting on shelf at the moment (bubbly, not me!)could not quite bring myself to drink THE bottle from publishers. No doubt I will overcome this at some stage!

Brown Dog, good to hear from you - I bet you are still rushed off your feet. Lily on the mend, thank you. I suppose how good an omen those wild horses are depends on which way they're facing!

Posie, it certainly livens up living in the country! Thanks for your kind words.

Lianne, thank you! Sheesh! You've no idea what's coming round the next bend here! Yes, I love my publishers after that lovely gesture!

Elizabethm... I know what you mean, you're never quite sure here, but they certainly weren't joking. Worth it though so I can eat sausage sandwiches - would rather move more than eat less!

Karen, that doesn't sound like fun!! Yes, truly - it does make it worthwhile! Thank you.
gaelikaa said…
Congrats Chris - I can't wait to read 'Turning the Tide' - well done!

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