Order, Out of Order

First of all, I’d like to say a very big thank you to those of you who have so kindly pre-ordered Turning The Tide. I especially appreciate that vote of confidence because the book’s not even due out until June. It means a lot because I really enjoyed writing the novel so it feels lovely to have that support. Also, I became very attached to the characters and very much hope that you will enjoy meeting them too.

I understand that at some point yesterday the system had a Funny Five Minutes and the pre-orders got thrown around a bit. The problem’s been identified and my Amazon entry should be back to normal soon. But, just so you know, Turning The Tide is also available for pre-order at W H Smith's, Tesco and The Book Depository(free postage).

And talking of funny five minutes,Tom and I went to his uncle’s 80th birthday party last weekend. We had a lovely time, but, rather like those lost tribes, we don’t mix with many large groups of people now and have both gone down with really horrible colds. I felt so ill yesterday, I had to lie down for a while which, as my family will tell you, is unheard of. Unfortunately this means I’ve had to rule myself out of next weekend’s Llanelli Half Marathon, which is a real bummer, but sometimes you just have to give in. I’ve also been a bit tardy about visiting other people’s blogs so, if I’ve missed you, I hope to catch up soon.


Preseli Mags said…
I wondered what was going on! I had an e-mail from Amazon yesterday ditching my order. I will persevere though.

Commiserations on the Llanelli half. I know it must be really frustrating to miss it. I've ruled myself out too due to ongoing medical doo-dahs. Very annoying. Look after yourself and get well soon.

I prescribe plenty of rest and single malt. (And enjoy today's lovely sunshine.) xx
Cottage Garden said…
Sorry to hear you will have to pull out of the Llanelli half marathon Chris, that's a real shame. Be sure to nurse that cold and get better very soon.

Jeanne x
JJ Beattie said…
So sorry to hear that you're not feeling well - I hope you feel better soon.
Ivy said…
Hope the gremlins are banned for good and that you are feeling better soon. My magic potion is : ginger tea from fresh ginger and some added lemon juice once the temperature of the tea is less than 70°C.
Shame about the marathon, but there are more to come.
Fennie said…
Hope you feel better soon. The fact that you've given up on Llanelli even makes me feel better. Still the weather is looking positively spring like here. So glad the book sales are going well. Will get round to placing an order. Do you do signed copies?

(Whatever will the dogs do if you're not running?)
Pipany said…
Bad luck about the marathon Chris. Hope you feel better soon BUT I have jjust read through the first chapter on your link!!!! How exciting for you! So proud and pleased that your big moment has come. Get well soon xx
lampworkbeader said…
Sorry about the cold but still looking forward to reading your novel
Frances said…
How strange for Amazon to have such a blip! I am sure that their wise folks are doing everything to get that ship sailing straight again.

(Hoping that all the pre-orders for your book will be recovered.)

Also hoping that you'll soon recover from your lurgy. Meanwhile, that ginger tea with lemon cure does sound good.

Fennie's comment about the dogs missing you did make me smile.

Pondside said…
I hope you feel a whole lot better soon. I agree that sometimes we just have to listen to our bodies and take a day - or a half marathon - off. There will be others!
Flowerpot said…
Oh so sorry about the lurgy Chris - get better soon!
Pat Posner said…
Get well soon, Chris.
Debs said…
Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Hope you're fully recovered soon.

I also received an email from Amazon, but will now order it from the Book depository instead.
bradan said…
A wee dram does wonders for a cold Chris and a large dram even bigger wonders! That's my remedy anyway as I've just gone down with one, courtesy of pre-school kids showering us with their horrid germs. Hope you feel better soon and bad luck about the half marathon.
HelenMHunt said…
Hope you feel better soon.
Chris Stovell said…
so sorry to hear about the doo-dahs, Mags. What a bummer that PC will be unrepresented in the Llanelli half... what shall we do instead? Oh, I know, let's drink single malts instead! Pass me the Talisker!

Jeanne, thank you!

Much appreciated, JJ.

Thank you HAH.

Ivy, that sounds good. Also, I was so busy thinking about this half marathon, I'd forgotten about the next. Good thinking!

Fennie - all in good time, m'dear! Now I keep thinking that the dogs will be extra keen when they see me next!!

Pip, thank you for the get well message and a big thank you for reading a taster of TTT!

Ah, thank you, Lampie! Happy writing to you.

Frances - Fennie always comes up with a pithy comment to make me smile! I'll be fretting about those dogs now! Thanks for the good wishes!

Pondside, it was quite tough getting to that stage - I kept thinking I could... maybe... do it anyway, but, for once, I'm going to be sensible!

FP, thank you!

Thank you, Pat.

Debs, your postman won't thank you - but I do!

Bradan... I think it's time for that large dram! Cheers m'dear. Hope you avoid the worst of the germs.
Oooooooh the gremlins have struck with a vengence - who have you been upsetting then? Get better quickly = you've got another book to get written....
Chris Stovell said…
Helen, thank you!
SBS... too true!!
JJ Beattie said…
Chris, I hope you're feeling better - there's a blog award for you over at mine.

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