Ode to a LLama

Alas, I didn't win the mystery prize in the llamarama 'Write an ode to a LLama' competition so I shall never know if I missed out on a llama on the lawn or - sigh - an N-Dubz hat, but, hey!, I was one of three runners-up singled out for a 'special mention' - hurray! Congratulations to the winner, Kim Hall. For a special performance of my own effort, please click above.

PS, That word my actress is slurring is 'cria', a baby llama... Honestly, where's Kate Winslet when you need her?


Great stuff! I'm sure that if you had ben able to submit your poem in movie form it would have won hands down.
I find it helps to insert plenty of spaces to slow the speech down a bit.
ChrisH said…
Oh, good tip, Rosie!
Lane said…
You should have won the Llama. You used the word banana in your ode! And I have to say I'm mightily disappointed not to see a photo of you in an N-Dubz hat. But yay for a special mention!

And I'm glad to see you're still American:-)
Flowerpot said…
Can't think why you didnt win that prize Chris!!
Edward said…
I've really enjoyed your films - I loved the Aldi Wrinkle Cream bit. Your actress did rather mangle the delivery, though!
ChrisH said…
Lane, and mine was the only proper ode - I was robbed of my N-Dubz hat!

FP, neither can I, dear heart!

Edward, thank you. Oh well, a bad director always blames her actors, I suppose... fortunately Rosie knows what to do and has passed on the secret of her success.

JJ, Debs - I am taking a big curtsey and shedding a few tears - thank you.
Pondside said…
Bravo, once again, a brilliant performance. Who knew poetry could be such a draw on the big screen?
Amanda said…
Excellent! x
Calico Kate said…
These are so much fun Chris. Love the ode and think it should have won.
Didn't know that Cria was a baby llama. Now to find some so that when we drive past I can stun all with my new knowledge!
Cait O'Connor said…
I'm loving your films Chris, you deserve a prize.
ChrisH said…
Pondside, all I need to do is get the actress to put the bottle down and say her lines clearly!

Amanda, thank you!

Kate, yes, I am full of wisdomosity and now you are too!

Cait, alas I was not worthy of the N-Dubz hat!
BT said…
Oooh, it's all a bit quick!! lol, but great fun. Well done for your special mention.

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