Back Home

This is what I did last week:
a.m. Run off steam before packing for trip to South. Leave home. Stop at Sarn Park retail outlet to visit M&S. Replenish underwear after knicker cull and world shortage of my bra size in west Wales. A really snazzy pair of yellow peep-toed wedges call out to me and say they want to go home with me. How can I resist?
p.m. Arrive at Worthing, Mil and Dil’s. Eat Chinese takeaway. Sleep fitfully in the Marshmallow Bed which flings me in the air every time Tom turns over.

a.m. Mil & Dil, in their new car (‘nuff said), follow us to deepest Surrey and Best Optometrist In The World aka my dear friend, Jill, as Mil is in need of a second opinion. Have lunch with BOITW. Bid farewell to Mil and Dil. Proceed to Ma’s. Inspect Ma for signs of wear and tear.
p.m. Over dinner, (Ma’s homemade steak pie) catch up with Kid Sister, Bil, and two nieces.

a.m. & p.m. Burst with prideiosity all day (see previous post).

a.m. Collect Stepson Two and Girlf, drive over to meet Stepson One and Girlf for coffee. Take Stepson Two home. Take Stepson Two’s Girlf to old folks home where she is currently working, bless her.
p.m. Arrive Fareham, lovely friends J & R who crack open first bottle. Much later, retire to bed a little fuzzy-headed and sleep like log.

a.m. To Port Solent, and J&R’s boat. Across to Cowes for lunch (how swanky is that?).
p.m. Ditto as above from ‘Much later... etc.’

a.m. Thank J & R for having us. Head back to Wales via Halfords at Salisbury so that Tom can buy new tyres for bike. Realise we are too shattered to attend concert we had hoped to go to that evening. Make appropriate phone calls.
p.m. Arrive Cardiff Bay to see Lily and Russ. Russ makes us a lovely comfort-food risotto. Drag ourselves off Lily and Russ’s sofa. Head back home.

This is what I did yesterday:

I picked Bethan Darwin's book from my Honno prize pile and sat down to read it with a cup of tea... and I just kept reading. 'Back Home' is a beautifully-written, engaging story with a strong cast of likeable well-drawn characters. Well done to Honno, yet again, for spotting a little gem.

And finally...
I've got that lovely frisson of excitement that accompanies a new writing project and I can't wait to start. It was lovely seeing everyone last week, but now it's lovely to be back home.

Image is 'Beach' a print by Tom Tomos


Well, I can't see why you didn't find the time to stop over in Cowbridge and meet Fennie and myself. We could have had a glass or two.
Seriously though, next time you are planning a trip south or a visit to Sarn Park let us know - we could have a coffee together - I often go to Sarn to check up on the bargains.
Milla said…
ANOTHER new writing project - which one?? And how do you tackle them, does an idea buzz around in your head and then grow a bit. How far do you plan, does the finished thing bear any relationship to the original buzzing? What do you do when you get stuck and realise that that fantastic idea is in fact a bag o'sh*te?
would be fascinated to know.
mountainear said…
A new project - I'm impressed. Please pass on handy hints about how to finish all the old ones that lie cluttering up my life. I keep seeing new and exciting things to do....and so it goes on.
Edward said…
Yes, let's hear more about the new project. Love the marshmallow bed, too.
Lane said…
That was an action packed week. I'm not surprised you relaxed for a bit with a book (which I really like the look of).

Glad you're getting excited about a new project. Is FTT out shaking its stuff?
Pondside said…
Whew! Kudos from me for sleeping in all those strange beds, though the food and drink sound like they make up for the marshmallow and certain lumps and bumps.
Preseli Mags said…
What a fabulously busy week, including (I note) motorway journeys AND a trip in a boat (not to mention the marshmallow bed). Thank goodness no mishaps to report apart from the aforementioned bed and a fuzzy head (or two!) Congratulations on the frisson of excitement too. xx
Cait O'Connor said…
I would also love to hear about the new project, how it was born etc.
ChrisH said…
Rosie, I understand from 'High Hopes' that Cowbridge is where the posh folks live, but I would gladly join you and Fennie and raise a cut glass or two! If not, see you at Pizza Hut at Sarn!!!

Milla, don't encourage me, I might have to do a blog about it then you'll be sorry.

Mountainear, you have to listen to the one shouting loudest!

Edward, the Marshmallow Bed is the bounciest, deepest mattress in the world and only designed for couples of similar weights (or singledom) - we tend to feel like Piglet and Pooh in it!

Lane, the book is a witty, warm read and the big publishers missed a trick by letting it slip through their hands. FTT is indeed out shaking its stuff... has been out there for about 8 weeks, two days, four hours and 15 seconds... not that I care!

Pondside, I tend to take my own pillow where possible (apart from anything else I know that no hostess has farted on it) that makes the change of beds bearable - although the Marshmallow bed is never entirely bearable.

Mags thank you for noticing - I have been a very brave bunny indeed! Though not as brave as you what with all the wildlife at home and at work you've been facing.

Cait, if I have a good week on it, I'll let you know. Thanks for the interest.
JJ Beattie said…
Coo, busy week. I love that it appears crucial to update us about your food intake. I like that. Risotto is one of my favourite ever foods.
liz fenwick said…
I'm exhausted just reading the post!. Good luck with the start of the new project.
Pipany said…
Sounds like a great time was had Chris. Liked the copious amounts of wine bit particularly! Loathe marshmallow beds as they give me backache, but lovely to be fed & watered x
Frances said…
Chris, I want to send along more congratulations to your beautiful daughter. How wonderful to be recognized in that way. And ... how wonderful for you to recognize each of your children!

Love the way that you've reported the past week. I was laughing and also marveling that so much could be accomplished in so many places.

Looking forward to hearing more about that project.

ChrisH said…
JJ, it is crucial to update you on my food uptake... there was a lot of it!

Liz, thanks for visiting - you've been very busy lately. Yep, start of new project always exciting... remind me of that 20k in!

Pip, yes, everyone is very kind, but it's a good job we don't do it too often!

Frances, thank you for your kind words, as ever. Hope all is well with you.
Brown Dog said…
Can't wait to hear about the new frisson-inducing writing project. Have been battling with writers' block for what seems like weeks (can only seem to do blogs these days. Trouble is, blogs don't pay the rent). Love that book cover, by the way - just a hint of a cup of tea - and it sounds like a great read. Well-deserved after such a busy week, I think.
Debs said…
I'm exhausted just reading everything you've done this past week.

It's great preparing to start on a new writing project. I'm loving it at the moment.
Fennie said…
Yes, indeed, do drop by when you're in Cardiff or Sarn. I am sure between us we could even put you up if you needed up-putting. I'd like to hear about the new project too. All the projects I seem to collect are unpaid ones.
Tam said…
Gosh, busy but fab time had by all, eh?
Well done on the Gold Award (I'm sure you had a hand in it and are due some congrats too) and I love Tom's pic.
ChrisH said…
Brown Dog, my writing projects, frisson-induced or not, don't pay the rent either, but, hey, I'm having fun!

Debs, you've worked really hard this year, glad you're enjoying it too.

Fennie, it looks as if we're gathering pace for a Sarn meeting. Now, I didn't say anything about my projects paying, did I? Well, not in monetary terms anyway!

Tam, thanks, we dragged the girls up a few mountains when they were young so I guess some if it stuck! Thanks on Tom's behalf too.
Flowerpot said…
Am dying to know what the new writing project is - gettig excited for you and with you!
Cottage Garden said…
Hi Chris
Just catching up on your posts. The itinery for your trip to the South has got me quite dizzy! Congratulations on your daughter's award too.
sheepish said…
Also trying to catch up after a few weeks away from blogging. Congrats to your daughter you look so alike, lovely. How exciting to have a new project, looking forward to hearing more. Thanks for stopping by.
ChrisH said…
Fp, I feel a bit pretentious now - should have just said, 'I have started a new novel!'

Jeanne, lovely to see you again - it's been a crazy time at HotelH but there's a tiny pool of clear water at the moment!
ChrisH said…
Sheepish, I'm very touched, given that you have so much on your mind, that you popped over here. Thank you and best wishes.
elizabethm said…
Great full week. I have been whizzing about too but without the productivity! I liked the repeated much later, sounds like life here.
Calico Kate said…
Just catching up after weeks away - my you've been busy having fun!
Thank you so much for kind comments on my blog, really appreciated.

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