Lucky Stars

Well, today’s been the first day of the rest of my life. And Tom’s. And Ma’s. Returning to Wales after collecting Ma from Surrey yesterday afternoon, we were having a great journey. The M4 was busy, lots of lorries, but the weather was good and we were ticking along just under 70 (the speed cameras are abundant) happily planning what we were going to do for a few days.

Then a huge noise, like metal screaming. And what? I don’t know, really. Time stood still and then moved infinitely slowly as we meandered across the lanes and on to the hard shoulder. Then the full horror really kicked in. A shredded tyre, snapped suspension, no steering. How Tom got us to safety I really don’t know. The car’s a mess but it must be some kind of miracle that the three of us walked away from it without a scratch and that no other cars were involved. My profound thanks to the Highways Agency Traffic Officers who were so efficient and reassuring, to the AA who got us home and to whichever lucky stars were shining.

Normal posts will resume when I’m feeling normal again! (Hmmm!)


JJ Beattie said…
OMG, Chris, I am so glad you're all alright... So sorry to hear about the car, but that you're unscathed is so much more important. Tyre blowouts are one of my nightmares...

I hope you had several stiff drinks when you were safely home!

Pondside said…
What a shocker that must have been. I'm glad to read that you are all unscathed - take it easy today!
Lane said…
Good grief Chris! That was horrendous for you but thank your lucky stars and whoever was watching over you, that you're all ok.

Agree with Pondisde to take it easy. When the wheel came of my car, all I could think about next day was 'what ifs'. x
OMG OMG OMG hope you have all stopped shaking - do not do the 'what if's' - they didnt!!!!
Just take care - oh and dont go out in the boat will you? - not just yet anyway.
Faith said…
How terrible for you all and thank God that you were all ok. It must have been the scariest thing. Hope you don't get flashbacks and can just put the whole thing behind you.
Jude said…
I'mso glad to hear you are all ok. Lucky stars, lucky everything!!
Do take it easy, it must have been one hell of a shock. I had an accident 2 years ago and it took days until I actually realised how lucky I really was.
Celtic Heart said…
Chris, this is the stuff of nightmares! Thank goodness 'someone' was looking out for you and kept you safe across the motorway. I know you will feel shakey for a day or two, but it will pass (speaking from experience here). Good that you had the AA to help bring you home. CH xx
Flowerpot said…
Oh Chris how horrifying, but well done Tom for getting you all to safety. Phew.... Look after yourself/selves now....
Cait O'Connor said…
Oh what a shock Chris. Your guardian angels were with you that day and I am so glad that they were. Take it easy, Rescue Remedy all round.
ChrisH said…
JJ, Thank you, I hope that you are safe at home too.

Pondside, we're all a bit shell-shocked this evening. Seems to have come out slowly.

Lane, exactly - it's the 'what ifs' that have got to us today.

SBS, I think it's time I stopped in!

Faith, thank you - it's difficult not to keep replaying the whole thing over and over again.

Jude, thanks. It's wierd how the shock is slowly sinking in!

CH, It's so kind of people to share their experiences, glad that this feeling will pass. Yes, the AA were brilliant.

Fp, - I still don't know how he did it!

Cait... it's funny you should say that. My dear friend Jill, who does my eyes, has a very good guardian angel and, since I'd seen Jill that day, I think her angel might have been doing a bit of overtime!
Frances said…
Oh Chris, I am so glad that you and your family are safe! What a terrifying experience.

I do hope that calm will return to the hearts and minds of all who were in that care.

Cannot tell you how many typos I made sending this message just thinking about what might have been, and being so glad that what might turned the corner into a happy ending.

BT said…
You poor things. I am so glad you escaped unscathed, what a shock it must have been. Hoorah for the AA.
KittyB said…
Wow - I'm reeling just reading it. Thank the lucky stars that you are all ok. Phew and all that.
Milla said…
apparently time really is dealt with differently in moments of crisis as the receptors or whatever expand to take in as much info as possible. Scary indeed. This happened to me with my boyfriend on the M4 in December many years ago. We had no AA or mobile phones but ... we had youth! so we ran across the motorway, both halfs and clambered down verges to a house for help. Still feel sick remembering it. So make sure you factor in some cold sweats for the next 30 years because you'll get 'em! Actually I think it's worse happening when you're older. You know me and can imagine more. Glad you're ok, anyway! very glad. Like your shoe and night thoughts blogs, below, too, having a bit of a late catch up.
Exmoorjane said…
That's sent goose-pimples all over me. Had this happen in the US, when driving about 80mph in middle lane - still, to this day, don't know how I got across two lanes of traffic to central reservation. And yes, time DOES move slowly, so slowly....and then you get out and look at the skid marks and it's obviously taken a few seconds.
Adrenalin is extraordinary stuff. I am SO SO SO relieved you're all OK. Big doses of arnica all round please..... jxx
Calico Kate said…
Cor! Well done Tom for valient steering. Take things easy for a day or two.
So glad nothing more awful happened as a result of something awful happening!!
Sending hugs
elizabethm said…
Oh Chris, how terrifying. I felt my heart rate pick up as I read. so, so glad you are all ok. Stiff drink and a cuddle I think.
Pipany said…
Lord Chris (see, titled don't you know), hope you are all over that awful shock now. Take it easy for a bit won't you? Muxch love xx
LittleBrownDog said…
Gawd, Chris - hope you're ok. I know the M4 well, and it's not a nice place to come adrift on - must have been a terrible shock, but the main thing is that you and Tom are OK.

Late, too, catching up with last week's - fantastic news about FTT. I bet it's really cracking. Fingers crossed everything goes swimmingly now and soon you'll be writing out the guest list for your launch party (me! me! me!).

ChrisH said…
Frances, than you - today has been the first day of feeling calmer,; yesterday I think it really sank in, Hopefully we'll all start to forget about it now.

BT, both the Highway Agency Traffic Officers and the AA were a huge help. Phew!

Kitty, yes, lucky stars definitely shining... well, except for the bit about us being spread over the road which wasn't so lucky!

Milla, interesting that you confirmed the time thing - it was very strange, but no scampering across two lanes of motorway for us, tempus has certainly fugit in that department. Hmmn, good to be prewarned about the cold sweats, too.

Jane, sorry it brought back horrid memories for you as well. Gosh, yes, once we'd reached the hard shoulder time seem to go at twice the speed - I don't feel as if all this time warp stuff has been very good for me!

Kate, absolutely. I dread to think how it might have turned out had it been me at the wheel. Tom was a complete star, so calm and controlled.

Elizabeth, we've all been a bit prickly so far! As I say, I think it's only today that I'm beginning to calm down again. Horrid experience.

Pip, Wow! How lovely that I now have a title! Thank you for your good wishes.

LBD, will you bring Bob Flowerdew's plait to the party to really make it swing?! Yes, as I say, all fine if a bit up and down, thank you.
Debs said…
OMG, that made me feel all shivery just to read it. I'm so relieved you're all okay, though I can imagine that it will take some time for you all to feel better about such a horrible experience.

Well done to Tom for getting you out of it without any injuries.
ChrisH said…
Debs, hi! nice to have you back - still feeling a bit wobbly but getting there, thanks.

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