Relief, Rellies and Recommendations

‘I’m going to be baby Jesus for Christmas,’ says Lily, tearfully. Lily and Russ were looking forwards to their first Christmas together in their rented flat but an official letter suggests this might not be possible. It seems that their landlord is in arrears with his mortgage and the flat has been repossessed. To add to their woes there is no trace of the bond into which their deposit for the flat was allegedly paid which means they are the best part of a grand down on the deal and will have to scrape together more money for another deposit if they have to move in a hurry.

You can say I’m biased but Lily is truly one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I know. Lily sees the invisible people; the cleaners, the porters, the security men, the people some folks don’t see. No one deserves to be homeless at Christmas but the thought of Lily suffering makes me incandescent with rage and frustration – there is almost nothing we can do. After a very worrying few days a fresh letter arrives – the landlord’s mortgage account is up to date and the flat is back in his possession. Let’s hope it really is just a glitch. Who says renting is the easy option?

On a happier note, we did a whirlwind tour of the south-east catching up with the rellies. Here’s how it went:-

Monday& Tuesday: Worthing with Mil and Dil
Wednesday: Multiple birthday celebrations: Lunch at ‘The Gun’, not your usual depressing carvery chain but good food, good service and excellent value. Up to Surrey to stay with Ma. Dinner with my lovely stepsons and their girlfriends at our favourite curry house ( yes, I did pace myself!).
Thursday: AM meet the Ace Gang (Julia, we missed you!). Four women go all out on the talking, drinking coffee and eating mince pie front. PM Dinner at my sister’s with her family, Rose and Ma – much silliness.
Friday: Me to my dear friend Jill’s for lunch and a jolly good catch up. Tom to town to see a former colleague. PM to Tom’s brother and family.
Saturday- Tuesday: Return to Wales with Rose and Si for a lovely pre-Christmas celebration. Now home alone!

A couple of recommendations… Tom had an appointment in Aberystwyth yesterday and afterwards we carried on up to MOMA (The Museum of Modern Art, Wales). Unfortunately two of the current exhibitions, including Ian Phillips beautiful prints of the Llyn coastal path finish on 3rd January but there is plenty of time to the Martin Bloch retrospective which is very special indeed. If you get the chance, do go.

Also, I’m on the last couple of chapters of Hillary Jordan’s debut novel, 'Mudbound'. It’s teeth-gnashingly good. Sigh.

And finally…Here’s wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a safe, healthy and peaceful New Year.

The painting is 'Mont St Michel from St Jean Le Thomas' by Tom Tomos


Lane said…
Phew! I hope you're going to have a rest for a couple of days now:-)

Merry Christmas Chris and wishing you all good things for 2009. x
Frances said…
Chris, I do like a happy ending. And, as a renter myself, appreciate every word you wrote!

However, I absolutely love happy endings, and am so glad that the flat tale is upbeat for now. Your holiday gallivanting sound exhausting, but also great fun.

Wish I could see that exhibit, but delighted to have seen Tom's beautiful painting.

Happy Christmas! xo
Pat Posner said…
You've been busy!
I hope you and yours have a good Christmas and a healthy, peaceful 2009 filled with happy times.
So glad it ended happily for Lily and Russ.
The painting, as usual, is very evocative.

Debs said…
So relieved Lily's flat/deposit was all sorted. It's horrible when things like that happen, especially to lovely people.

Love the painting (again!).

Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and much success in 2009. x
Flowerpot said…
Sounds like a hectic few days Chris - hope you have a peaceful (?!) and very happy Christmas. Glad that Lily and her partner have a roof over theor heads. Will make anote of that book - sounds good but I know what you mean about the teeth gnashing bit....!! Take care xx
Fennie said…
Hello Chris!
Glad the renting story worked out. And I am with you in saying that everyone needs to be noticed. Everyone is worthy of respect. Every job is valuable. Do hope they get that bond sorted out though. Never been to the Museum of Modern Art - is it in Aberystwyth?
Jordan is not just a pretty face or a pretty anything else! But good for her I'd say.

Happy Christmas. Fenniexx
Pondside said…
Well that one left me huffing and puffing - what a lot of ground you covered, Chris!
I'm glad to hear that your Lily's rental woes were a glitch and that she is still housed. Our Lilly is between apartments and getting worried that she might have to spend the next semester in her old bedroom. At this point she'd be looking with interest at anything - even a stable!
Hello Chris,

I am so pleased that Lily and Russ deposit for flat was eventually sorted out for them, that must have been such a worry for them.

My friend's son in London and his partner have rented their house out only to discover recently that the tennants have not paid the rent for over 5 months.

I love Tom's painting Chris.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas.

Love Camilla.xx
JJ said…
Wow! Hope you have a lovely christmas and new year. JJx
KittyB said…
Happy Christmas and New Year Chris! And I hope you are now having a rest after all that frantic visiting and socialising. And hope that Lily's flat is sorted out now. x

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