Aims and Arm

How did that happen? It’s New Year’s Eve already! We’re whizzing round the house preparing for the arrival of our dear friends, Jill and Martin who are staying with us for a few days, but there’s time for a quick look back at the year and to think about what I hope to do next year.

I’ve reached the end of year with immense relief that, personally, we’ve avoided anything too unpleasant, though we’ve had enough tough years not to take anything for granted. I’m still a bit worried for Lily and Russ and hope that they will be secure in the home they love and I’m sad for Ma who is mourning the loss of her brother and sister. But, on the whole, life’s been good and there’s lots to be grateful for.

We’ve been to some interesting gigs this year – the standout moment for me was seeing Radiohead, which was sublime, and we’ve got some events lined up for early in the new year. Quite envious of Stepson Two who is going to see Bob Dylan, though not quite so jealous of Lily and Rose who are off to see Britney, although Lily has quite a record of buying tickets for artists who go into meltdown the day before she’s due to see them, so good luck with that one, Lily!

The Ace Gang and I have a tradition of setting challenges for the year ahead, some of which are deeply blush-making, but I was dead chuffed with myself for completing the Cardiff half-marathon. I’m looking forwards to the Llanelli half in March, although I’ve been told by folks who know that it is definitely not the place for a PB… oh well, we’ll see! So, what are we doing in 2009, girls?

On the writing front, my aim every year is to get published in fiction and I’ve finished a bit further forward in the sense that FTT is with a publisher but its fate is yet to be decided. In the meantime I have finished my OU short story (yay!). Rachelsaid it would be like writing a novel and it berludy well was. Had I not been writing it for an assignment I would have given up so it’s been a really worthwhile exercise and taught me a great deal about plugging away at a project. Next year, my aim is to send more work off so I’ve made a list of short story and poetry competitions to encourage myself. I’m also starting work on the next novel so the new sidebar goes up soon.

But, before all that, I’m away next week to have my frozen shoulder thawed. The last time I was in hospital it was to have all four wisdom teeth removed and it was a truly horrific experience: I fainted on a bedpan; got woken up for bleeding on a pillow; my lovely friend Jill’s ex phoned the hospital for news and pretended to be my brother which caused no end of speculation. When I was discharged I was so bruised and swollen that my mouth went from ear to ear and Lily and Rose, who were only little, howled and refused to kiss me! Worried? Just a tad!!

Thank you for reading this post. May your New Year be happy, healthy and safe.

Painting is 'High Preseli - Mist' by Tom Tomos


Ivy said…
Hope you arm can get "thawed" in this frosty weather. Wishing you that the op goes well and you are fit again in no time. All the best for 2009 Ivy
JJ said…
Chris, I hope you have a lovely time with your friends.

All the best for 2009.
Sally's Chateau said…
All the very best for the trip to hospital Chris, you've achieved some very inspiring goals this year. xx
Debs said…
Hope all goes well with the thawing!

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year celebration and that 2009 is all that you wish it to be. x
Lane said…
That you for writing that post:-)

Wishing you all the absolute best for the new year Chris:-) x
Pondside said…
Good luck with the thawing Chris - it will give you back your full range of motion and you'll never look back!
I hope you have a good New Year's Eve with your friends - I'll be thinking of you next week. Just keep your face out of the bedpan this time!!!
Happy New Year - love and hugs to you and I hope your 'thaw' is a success and that there is no trauma involved this time during your hospital visit.

Plus good luck with the writing next year - it will be your year and we will all be there to celebrate with you.
Flowerpot said…
Have a great new year and I think your aims for 2009 are very commendable - best of luck with the OU course and the new novel, the last novel and all. And the shoulder! Take care, bless xxx
Elizabethd said…
I'll be keeping you in my thoughts Chris.
I should cultivate that frozen shoulder if I was you - you DO realise what the next TMA is dont you?
Absolutely love the new paintings.

Good luck , god bless and see you on Aber seafront in the spring
Hi Chris,

Have a lovely time with your friends, all the very best with hospital.

Wishing you lots of luck with your writing in the coming year ahead Chris.

Thank you for your friendship over the year.

Wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family.

Lots of love,
Frances said…
As Lane wrote, I also thank you for writing this post and all that preceded it. Tom's painting is a beauty.

May your shoulder respond to the treatment. I know that you will let us know how all goes in the hospital.

I want to wish you a New Year full of great experiences, fun, beatiful sights and experiences, and many more hours of writing as you would want to write.

lampworkbeader said…
Happy New Year and all the best for the hospital trip
elizabethm said…
Good luck with the shoulder and the book too. I am sure this will be the year for you for the books!
LittleBrownDog said…
Oooh, ooh, Chris - we're going to be at Bob in Cardiff at the end of April - tell Stepson 2 to look out for us! Keeping my fingers well and truly crossed for FTT - looking forward to reading it as much as anything else. And good luck with all the comps, too. Hope the shoulder op all goes well - I'm sure it will be lovely to not have a frozen shoulder any more. And I can understand your worries about L & R - so unsettling to have that news last week. Let's hope that's all sorted now.
KittyB said…
Happy New Year, Chris! Fingers crossed they manage to defrost your shoulder. Ouch!
BT said…
A very Happy New Year to you Chris. And I add my good wishes for a successful outcome not only of the frozen shoulder but of your book too. I have a copy of Rachel's 'An Ungodly Child' in front of me. Her first novel and I can't wait to read it. It arrived yesterday!
We have a house in West Worthing. Jim lived there for some 30 years.
I have really enjoyed catching up on your blog and Tom's fabulous paintings. Love the latest especially.
So sorry about Aunt Joan but at least no more suffering for her.
Have a wonderful year,
ChrisH said…
Dear All,
Thank you so much for your kinds thoughts and good wishes which I will take with me on Tuesday (eeek!)Cx
Un Peu Loufoque said…
wel here is to apslendid new year, Istart mine minus a voice but with plenty of things to say....Every success to you, you cheery soul may you do well!!
Zinnia Cyclamen said…
Happy New Year. I'm not surprised you're scared, hospital is horrid and no fun - but we are so lucky to live in a country with a functioning NHS, however much people and newspapers may moan, we're way better off with it than without it. And you'll be home before long and on the road to recovery (may that road be smooth and speedy!).
nimblejacks said…
oh poor you I clearlt remember wisdom teeth being removed I was knocked out at Morriston for mine and woke up blubbering like a baby for no good reason! Hamster faces all round on that one, but of the relief they were gone, you won't look back. Frozen shoulders are a swine mine went twoce over the holidays set off wierdly whilst washing my hair in the shower! At least it was my hubby who had to rescue me, I know all the local firemen volunteers here can you imagine :D We are on lovely Gower so I imagine like us you've had the sharp frosts and lovely sunsets yay for Wales XXclaire
Expat mum said…
If I had made any resoutions (and you know I refused to) it would have been to pull my finger out on the writing post, so I will take my inspiration from you and get going.
Good luck with the shoulder.
Pipany said…
Bit late on this Chris but Happy New Year and hope the hospital visit went well. Next year will see you published...there, now it WILL happen! xx

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