Hospital Thoughts and Away

‘I’m Michelle’, says the kindly nurse with a warm smile, before taking my blood pressure. I’ve come armed for lots of waiting around especially as I’m twenty minutes early for my pre-op assessment but Michelle summons me before my bum hits the seat. Despite having low blood pressure, being half an inch taller than I thought and weighing a bit less than I expected (I don’t weigh myself – I have a pair of shorts which tell me what to do, if they fit, I’m fine, if they’re tight I eat less) I am found to be in rude health.
‘Just a couple of forms now’ says Michelle, leading me to an office. ‘I’ll just lock the door.’
‘We’ll just do a couple of swabs to make sure you’re not carrying any bugs. Nose, throat and groin.’
Checking for bugs is fine by me, especially since Tom needed emergency surgery and was horribly ill after contracting MRSA during a routine op, but groin? Actually it’s all very dignified and not at all embarrassing, just a quick dab at the knicker line and we’re done. Michelle adds that she has to be very quick to tell men exactly what she’s going to do. ‘You wouldn’t believe the number of times I turn round to find they’ve dropped the lot,’ she tells me, her smile wearing a bit thin. ‘I mean, just because I’ve seen it all before…’
We have a chat about the procedure that I’m having to free up my still-frozen shoulder and the word ‘pain’ crops up a lot. Finding out that I’ve been booked in for up to three days isn’t exactly reassuring either but the good news is that Michelle tells me that my consultant is THE man for shoulders. Phew!

Tom and I are off to the south for a few days to do the rounds of rellies before Christmas but I’ll leave you with one of Tom’s more figurative paintings he’s been doing lately. It’s called ‘High Preseli – Low Cloud’.


Debs said…
It's good to know that they are checking for bugs at your hospital.

I hope your trip is enjoyable, and I love the picture. Beautiful.
Pat Posner said…
Good luck for the unfreezing, Chris.

Have a great trip.
Tom is so talented.
Good luck for the de frosting
That picture - WOW! Can we see it bigger please? I ncan see allsorts of figures and creatures in the clouds - am I meant to?
mountainear said…
Hope all goes well with the shoulder. Sure it will be worth it.

Enjoy the rellie round-up.
ChrisH said…
There, I've made it bigger! Hope that helps!
Cait O'Connor said…
I wish you a happy Christmas Chris amd hope the shoulder improves now.
Another great pic.
Frances said…
Tom's painting is grand!

Now, I so want your shoulder to soon also be grand.

Chris, you really do put words together so well. Keep that writing going.

And have a lovely trip. xo
JJ said…
I love the picture too. Hospitals get such bad press - sometimes they deserve it - but it's nice to hear about a kind nurse.
liz fenwick said…
Thinking of you!!!
Pondside said…
Best of luck with the shoulder, Chris. I'm sure it will short-term pain for long term pain-free living.
This post's painting really caught my attention - gorgeous.
Preseli Mags said…
I love all of Tom's paintings and that one is stunning! (I want it!)

I hope the consultant can defrost your shoulder and that the word 'pain' stops cropping up.

Enjoy the trip to the rellies. xx Mags.
Flowerpot said…
Good luck wiht it all Chris - I'm sure it will be fine and you will feel so much better afterwards. Great picture - well done tom.
LittleBrownDog said…
They seem to be much more infection-aware in hospitals these days, thank heavens. Do hope all goes well with the shoulder op - sounds as though you're in good hands.

And, yes, another vote for the painting here - fantastic, Tom.

just popped back to have another look at that pic - thanks for making it bigger - I absolutely love it - get it to an exhibition quick! Before PM and me fight over it on Aber sea front!
bradan said…
Hope all goes well with your shoulder.
That painting is wonderful!
elizabethm said…
Best of luck with the shoulder Chris and merry christmas. Sadly I have never found that I am taller and lighter than I thought, invariably the reverse, but how good would that be! A fabulous painting as ever too.
Angel said…
Hope everything goes well for the shoulder Chris. Huge sympathy for shoulder pain!

btw-I've just booked a commercial fiction Arvon course for 2009-Judy Astley and Katie Fforde are tutors!

Have a good Crimbo and hope to meet up in 2009

Expat mum said…
Wow - lurve that picture. GOod luck with the shoulder. I have just shovelled a lot of snow and set mine off again. Idiot.
Lane said…
Glad you're going to be seen to by THE man in shoulders.

Love Tom's painting. Beautiful!

Enjoy your festive visits:-)
Zinnia Cyclamen said…
I really like that picture. And I have the same approach to weight management as you. I hope your shoulder is better really soon.

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