Tom's Big Bike Ride

Last December, we celebrated an important anniversary. It’s twenty-six years since Tom was diagnosed with testicular cancer, twenty-five years, really, after the surgery and follow-ups, of coming out the other side. Despite a glitch a few years ago, when the removal of what turned out to be an entirely harmless lump led to him being very seriously ill with an MRSA infection, Tom’s been well. To celebrate his survival and to commemorate the lives of family and friends who've been lost to cancer along the way, Tom decided to raise money for Cancer Research UK by cycling 50 miles from St David’s in Pembrokeshire and back along the coast here, to Sarnau, – a pretty, but punishing ride with some stunning views and horrendous hills. This is the story of his big bike ride.

A perfect day at St David's
The view from the support vehicle (aka The Biscuit Tin)
9.50 a.m. And he's off!
First stop Goodwick, Fishguard
Where The Support Driver sits in the sun
Bang on time, Tom arrives and refuels with coffee and cake before the next punishing hill

After five hours, fifty miles and £200 raised, Tom's home and celebrating

To see just how tough it was, you can trace Tom's ride here and see his fundraising page here


Jane Lovering said…
How excellent of Tom! Well done that man! Having that glorious weather and those wonderful views won't have made it seem any easier, but it does make the resultant pictures prettier...
Chris Stovell said…
Thank goodness there was a break in the depressing weather we've been having, Jane. I think it would have been even harder in today's icy wind and grey skies.
Sarah Tranter said…
LOL re the biscuit tin, Chris. A wonderful achievement, Tom and such a fantastic thing to do to raise both awareness and funds. Someone up there clearly approved by contributing sunshine. Hope you aren't aching too much today. And that he's not moaning about the aches too much, Chris :) Hugs Sxxx
Chris Stovell said…
He couldn't have had a better day for it, could he, Sarah? So pleased he did it. Cxx
Pondside said…
Well done, Tom! I had a look at the map and at the elevation - no small feat that ride.
Chris Stovell said…
Thank you, Pondside - The Support Driver thought those climbs from the luxury of the car! Very proud of him for doing it.
Mandy K James said…
You must be so proud! Good on Tom! X
Frances said…
Big congratulations to you, Tom. Your many and varied accomplishments continue to accumulate.


And Chris, thanks to you also for this post with its fine photographs of a very fine day.

What a great duo you all are. I was visiting the Met with friends on Saturday, and we stopped into that grand Temple of Dendur area, and of course, I thought of our day there. xo
Flowerpot said…
Well done Tom! Hooray for you both x
Well done to Tom, what a wonderful achievement!

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