A View with No Loo

The Big Lorry - their motto, on the back, reads
'No.1 in No. 2s'
On Christmas Day, Tom and I settle down to our scrumptious Swansea market pork. Mm, delicious, especially the lovely crackling… until, that is, I realise that some of the crunching noise has been caused by a back tooth breaking in half.

Never mind, I think, on Boxing Day, I’ll go for a run. After heavy rain the roads are like rivers, even on the hills where I’m also pelted with so much hail that the front of my black running trousers turns white. It feels great to be out here; I run a pb and feel fabulously alive… until a searing pain in my butt makes every other step I take pure agony. Back home I do some internet research and discover something called Piriformis Syndrome. It doesn’t make for happy reading – I belatedly learn why it’s important to stretch before and after vigorous exercise.

My younger stepson arrives for the New Year – lovely! We look forwards to eating, drinking and making merry… until both loos stop working. Tom spends three hours fishing around in the drains but has to give up and call in the professionals. Two years of very heavy rain and the weight of waterlogged soil have all been too much for our system causing a pipe to collapse… so this is what happened on the last day of 2013...

The Big Digger prepares to attack...

This is the septic tank (nice!)
I've spared you the close up of what was revealed... but that's when it became evident that The Big Lorry (above) was required so that the poor man standing here could carry out the repairs... 

An unforgettable end to the year. And this pipe.

We're incredibly grateful to Geraint and Andrew Davies who worked so hard to carry out emergency repairs.  Our happiness levels have risen considerably now that our loos are flushing again and we're trying not to think about what else might need doing.  It’s a new year and my indoor bulbs – grown from a kit given to me by my lovely friend, Ann - have flowered to welcome it in.  Happy New Year!


mountainear said…
Oh, how grim. Things surely must buck up for you in 2014.

All best wishes.
Chanpreet said…
That's not a great way to end 2013. Hopefully 2014 will start more graciously and all will be well. Plus what's a holiday/family get together without some sort of calamity?
Mandy K James said…
Just think how boring it would have been without all the drama ... (thinking positive) Sees look in Chris's eye and runs! XXX
The joys of rural life! Hope all is running sweetly now and all the best to you for 2014.
Flowerpot said…
Oh lordy Chris - what an end to the year! Let's hope things continue to improve quickly! x
Chris Stovell said…
Thank you, Moutainear, I do hope so! Happy New Year to you!

Yes, you're right, Chanpreet - and there's nothing like a blocked loo for getting down to basics. At least it was family not first-time visitors!

I wouldn't mind doing boring, Mandy! Failing that I'll have a dollop of your optimism!

Well, it's working and that's the main thing, Elizabeth. Still quite a lot of remedial work to

I really hope so, Sue, I'm tired of the constant drama!
Frances said…
My goodness Chris, 2013 surely did have an odd sense of dramatic pacing for its final pages! Hoping that all will be sorted out to your satisfaction very soon.

Good to look at this still very young New Year as full of promise, lots of blank pages to fill.

Love and lots of Happy New Year's wishes to you and Tom. xo

Kathryn Freeman said…
Hey - at least you can laugh about it Chris. And just think how much better we all feel, having read what happened to you! Really hope 2014 has some treats in store for you.
Chris Stovell said…
You wouldn't think so much could wrong in the depth of the country, would you, Frances? Love and a very Happy New Year to you too.x

So do I, Kate! Let's just say I'm starting from the bottom! x
Pondside said…
The dreaded collapse/overflow or failure of the system looms for every rural dweller. I bow to our system as I leave in the morning, salute it in the evening on my return - no grease down the drain, no hair, string or foreign objects....yet I know that it is only a matter of time.

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