Friday 14 September, my elder daughter’s wedding day… a day of pure joy! 

Tom, MoB, Happy Couple, Stepson Two, Rose & Si

After weeks of Welsh rain, the sun shone, the location was glorious – look at those views – and the atmosphere really was one of love and great happiness. Here’s a flavour of a very special day.

A confetti fest
My beautiful daughters

Monday 17 September… a day of utter terror! BBC Radio Wales were kind enough to invite me in to chat about my novels with Roy Noble live on his afternoon show. My thanks to Roy and everyone on the team for being so gentle with me! Here’s a clip if you want to listen to it… and, being radio, you can’t see my glass of water shaking as I tried to take a sip!


Teresa said…
So many happy and joyful moments to remember in the years to come.
You're Blessed with gorgeous daughters... and your gift.
Lane Mathias said…
Such gorgeous photos Chris. What a beautiful day.
And well done for conquering your nerves. You sound very calm!
Frances said…
Chris, those wonderful sunny wedding photos surely do show us what happiness filled that day!

I so enjoyed listening to the radio interview. I thought your host did a fine job, and you were a delightful guest. I thought that the program seemed more like a conversation between new friends than an interview. This is bound to bring many more readers to your books.

(Great to hear that two more books are bubbling along now.)

Chris Stovell said…
Teresa, thank you - I feel blessed every time I look at my daughters and it was one of the happiest days of my life.

Lane, I thought I might have to run away at one point, so thank you! And it was a beautiful day...not that I'm biased!

Frances, the temptation was to fill the blog with photos, but it was, after all, Their Special Day so not for me to broadcast too many. And thank you for your kind comments about the interview - the time flew by but, gosh, did I feel nervous!
Chanpreet said…
Congratulations on the wedding! Everyone looks lovely in the pictures.

And congratulations surviving being on the radio. I can only imagine how nerve wracking it was. Way to overcome your nerves and give a stellar performance. The audio doesn't let on how nervous you are!
Jenny Beattie said…
What a lovely day that looks.

I heard the interview from FB and I didn't think you sounded nervous at all! It was great to hear you. xx
liz fenwick said…
What beautiful happy pictures! So pleased the sun shone for you all!

You sounded wonderful!
Chris Stovell said…
Chanpreet, thank you very much for your congratulations and kind encouragement! (The wedding was so lovely - gives me a real boost every time I think of it!).

Aw, thanks, Jenny. Doing live radio was a very strange experience - on one hand you're just having a conversation with a new person... and on the other hand you know there's a wider audience listening to you!

Liz, it was such a lovely day - hard to believe the sun shone when it's pouring down again today! How are you with radio?
Fennie said…
I am really, really pleased that this went so well for you. Your daughter looks absolutely lovely. You too! Must be the hula-hopping.
What beautiful photos. You all look very happy!
Wisewebwoman said…
Happy times to be treasured, Chris, and the photos reflect them!

Liane Spicer said…
So glad the sun came out and blessed that very special day. The photos are lovely and just radiate joy!

Off to listen now...
Posie said…
Gorgeous, gorgeous , gorgeous Chris.....so glad you all had such a happy day and thank you so much for sharing those lovely photos. You must be a really proud mum!!
And well done on your radio interview, must be quite nerve wracking, being a celebrity!
Flowerpot said…
Oh that all looks fabulous Chris - what a splendid day and what wonderful daughters you have. And congrats on the radio interview - I know just how nerve racking they are!
Chris Stovell said…
Thank you, Fennie and Elizabeth.

Wisewebwoman,yes, it truly was, thank you.

Liane - it was a bit of a miracle that we saw the sun shine that day - did yo send some over?

Posie - just nerve-wracking, not so much celebrity!

It was a proud day, Sue.. the radio interview, as you know, nearly tore me in half beforehand, but they were very gentle with me.

Cottage Garden said…
Congratulations all round Chris. Lovely wedding photos! You all look really happy and beautiful.

You sound very calm in your interview, did you have a little something in with your water...?!

Chris Stovell said…
I needed, Jeanne, believe me! And thanks ever so much for your kind comments!

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