Thinking of the Days

This Friday 14th September, is my beloved elder daughter’s wedding day.

I’m a terrible worrier, but when I found myself worrying about a hair colour that had gone a bit wrong and not being able to find the right tights, I realised - just in time - how ridiculous I was being. This morning I remembered a friend from university who didn’t live to have children. When I attended her funeral on a bright spring day, I had a toddler and a young baby, waiting to be fed. I also thought of my younger daughter’s school friend who died before the Leavers’ Ball, whose parents were left to open her A Level results. Gloomy thoughts, yes, but those reflections made me extra appreciative to have the great good fortune to have come this far and to know that my lovely daughter is marrying a good, kind man.

On Saturday 15th September

We’re coming home and bringing Ma to stay with us for a few days. I’m pretty sure the conversations will include a lot of discussion about the wedding!

On Monday 17th September

We’re back down to Cardiff where I’ll be heading to BBC Radio Wales. Roy Noble has kindly invited me to be a guest on his afternoon show. I could easily get myself very worried about this as it’ll be my first time on radio, but everyone’s been incredibly kind to me so far!


I’m over at Nikki Goodman’s Blog - do come over and say hello if you’ve got time.

And finally...

Congratulations, you two! Here's wishing you every happiness together!


Fennie said…
Very best wishes for Friday, Chris, and congratulations to the happy couple.
Lins' lleisio said…
Have a lovely day Friday... and I shall be listening to the Radio Monday :) xx
So many busy things happening to you!

Congratulations to the happy couple, I'm sure everything will go perfectly.

I remember bemoaning the thought of turning 40 to a friend (now dead) who told me about her friend who was three days older than me and suffering from liver cancer. She said that her friend would give anything to see her fortieth birthday. I felt very humbled and haven't moaned about my age since.
Jane Lovering said…
I'm sure it will be a wonderful wedding! And radio is nothing to worry about, you will have a most fantastic time (and sometimes they give you cake!)

As for rememberances, a friend of my youngest daughter died aged thirteen three years ago. Everyone locally was devastated, and I try to remember that feeling whenever the kids annoy the living hell out of me - at least they are here to annoy me!
Frances said…
Chris, best wishes to you and your family as this wedding day approaches. Do not forget to take your camera, please!

I am already looking forward to hearing about your mom's review of the big event.

Having the radio interview sounds terrific. I am sure that the presenter will be gracious, and that all the listeners will be charmed by ... You!

Ivy said…
Congratulations to the happy couple. Worrying comes with the job of being a parent, but it often makes us forget how lucky we are with what we have got. Wish I could hear the interview but no BBC players in Germany :(
mountainear said…
Busy, busy!

Congratulations to the happy couple - I'm sure tomorrow will be a wonderful day. Hope you can relax enough to enjoy it!

Look forward to seeing some photos.
Posie said…
What lovely news Chris, indulge and enjoy, you must be really happy, I wish you all a lovely day. Fantastic news on your latest radio afternoon too. Lovely to catch up,
Flowerpot said…
Here's for a fabulous day and I'm sure the radio show will go brilliantly. Just be yourself! xx

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