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How life turns! One minute you’re up in the gods at the opera or schmoozing with Monty Don (to be fair, so were hordes of other people so I doubt that he noticed), and the next…

Well, Tom’s lost a stone since last week, thanks to norovirus (really, really horrid – stay away from it, folks), and the bug in my sinuses has made a last-ditch attempt to resist eviction. 

And just to give me something to do, my edits came in so I’m busy this week with them. Back soon!

Painting is Royal Festival Hall, by Tom Tomos


Flowerpot said…
Oh no you poor things - do hope the bugs shift very soon. Take care and good luck with the edits. I've just sent my proofs back to the editor hooray!
Sound grim. I hope you're on the mend very soon.

Good luck with your edits.

Love that picture!
Frances said…
Isn't it easy to take splendid health for granted, when your health is splendid?

Chris, I so hope that you and Tom are feeling tip top very soon.

Meanwhile, I thank you for your email, and want you to know that I am hear for more on site stuff whenever you call/click.

Pondside said…
I'm sending big healing thoughts your way - you need to be in good health for the wedding prep!
Preseli Mags said…
I'm sending big healing thoughts too. Norovirus* is horrid and sinus things aren't much better. Poor both.

Monty Don's lovely isn't he? So charming and funny. I saw him do a talk just a few days before he had his stroke. Lovely chap and I'm glad he's back on GW.

*You can 'kill' norovirus with cider vinegar - it's horrible but it works (drink up to a tablespoon mixed with honey and hot water). I've tested this one on myself.
Hi Chris!

Sorry about the norovirus and the bugs. Hope they are banished soon.

I hope you don't curse me - I've tagged you for the Be Inspired Blog Hop, which you can find out about here:

Just do a mini one if the lurgy is lurking, or wait or ignore it. I won't be offended.

Take care, cariad.

Juliet xxx
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