Long Distance Love

Between nursing the poorly and nursing edits this week, I managed to meet up with my dear friends, the Ace Gang, aka the Thursday Girls, (for the day we met, of course). I went on a tour of Rose’s lovely new home, admired photos of Ann’s adorable new granddaughter and joined the girls for a cup of tea - all without leaving my desk! We’ve been a bit slow to pick up on the idea of video calls so there were a few teething troubles initially. Exclamations of surprise, laughter and cries of ‘Oh, there you are!’ from their end had me weeping and wailing at my end because I couldn’t see them. But once we’d found each other it was wonderful, nearly as good as old times, although, sadly, I couldn’t actually join in with the fizz and quiche. My goodness did I miss them when we finally ended the call, these brilliantly-supportive and dearly-loved friends who’ve been part of my life since we met as young (very young!) mums.

Ma and I have also managed a few video calls since she acquired her iPad, the only problem being that she usually finds it so funny I tend to get a bit seasick as the views lurch from Ma, to the ceiling or floor or swerve alarmingly round the room. And it’s great being able to email her, to send her a photo of the garden in the sunshine (on the rare occasions we have sunshine lately) or the sheep trying eat our grass instead of theirs. Small moments that bridge the gap.

And soon Lily and I are going to do a few important weddingy things by video call; I’ll be able to inspect the results of her wedding makeup and hair rehearsal and I can give her a demo of my fascinator (stupid term for bits of dyed ribbon and feather stuck on a clip and given a hugely-inflated price tag).

It doesn’t quite compensate for being far away from loved ones, for not being able to give them a hug, but when you’re missing them, it doesn’t half help.

Thanks to Thursday Girl Rose, hiding behind the camera, for the lovely photo of the rest of us on the sofa!


Evonne Wareham said…
Not something I have tried - memories of scary work related conference calls! Might be tempted to have a go.
It's so lovely to be able to keep in touch in this immediate way. Thanks to my youngsters insisting that I speak to them on Skype via the Ipad when they've been away I've been able to see them when I chat to them.

I should start doing the same with Ma when she returns to South Africa.
mountainear said…
Definitely 3 big cheers for such things - my iPhone has FaceTime which is brilliant - although one's callers always have a knack of calling when my hair needs a severe seeing- too.
Maggie Christie said…
Wonderful technology - although it's a shame you couldn't actually be there with the gang, it's the next best thing. I hope the poorly are better soon and the edits soon edited. xx
Jenny Beattie said…
Lovely post Chris. It's just missing people, isn't it? It doesn't matter if it's 60 miles or 6000, it's revolutionised communication.
liz fenwick said…
Couldn't survive my crazy life without skype!!! Great post and good luck with edits.
Pondside said…
Skype keeps me connected to my grandchildren, so many thousands of Kms away. I can't imagine how our grandparents said goodbye to children and grandchildren, knowing it would be years before they'd see them again.
I have wondered about getting to grips with skype. Like Evonne I associate it with work but you make me feel I am missing out! Hope things are thriving again in Hotel H.
Cara Cooper said…
Skype was a complete mystery to me until my husband decided to take a 5 month job on a cruise ship. He found it really comforting just to 'walk' around the house with me and remember what England was like when he was in countries so different like Egypt and Vietnam. It's amazing to be out shopping and see and talk on your phone to someone half way across the world! I'm always amazed it's free.
Chris Stovell said…
It takes a couple of moments to adapt, Evonne, but it was fun.

Debs, you're right - it is the immediacy of it all and being able to see how everyone is.

Facetime's good, isn't it, mountainear - very clear... always nice when callers can see, in my case, which hair colour you've applied!

Mags.. we're still getting there!!!

Jennie, thank you. Yes, you must feel it all the time - it's good to see them, but it would be nice to give them a hug too.

Liz - yes, it's interesting how you and Jennie, Cara and Pondside with long-distance rellies have seized the opportunity to make the most of this wonderful technology.

Pondside - it breaks your heart to think of that, doesn't it?

It's definitely worth trying, Elizabeth - it feels so lovely to see those dear faces. Hotel H still in recovery mode, thank you!

Cara, yes, that's something I didn't mention, being able to do it for free - it's a real benefit. Gosh, five months, what a wrench for you both - skype must really have helped.

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