A Walk to the Post Box

It's half a mile to our post box, just right for a short walk and there's always lots to see.

No donkeys today, however, ... they seem to be hiding.

Badgers are lovely to look at, but not very popular here.  This one didn't make it.

There's a lovely view from this quiet spot in someone's garden.

 The tops have been taken out some nearby trees.

So the rooks have had to build new homes.  You have to be careful walking under them.  I took a chance looking up to take this!

The daffodils in our bank are still looking good.

As is the gardener!  Time to make him a cup of tea.


Pondside said…
That was a nice spring walk - a bit like the walk to our box, which isn't half as pretty as your red one. No badgers on the road, but lots of raccoons.
Ivy said…
The gardener looks like he's fallen asleep over his spade:) Lovely walk in a lovely landscape
Shirley Wells said…
Ivy's comment made me laugh. He does look as if he's fallen asleep!

Lovely pictures. I always think spring is the perfect time for walking.
Cottage Garden said…
A perfect walk Chris. I found something quite odd on my recent walk ... pop over for a gander.

Thanks for a look at your lovely walk to the post box.

We don't get badgers over here, I'd love to see one.

I hope the gardener didn't have to wait too long for his tea, he looks like he's doing a great job out there.
her at home said…
There is something wonderfully nostalgic about red letter boxes, french yellow ones somehow lack something!!
Frances said…
Ah Chris, I think that I would love to have your walk to that red post box. There's a mail box in my apartment building's lobby, but I much prefer walking my postings over to the neighborhood Post Office. The distance is a bit shorter than yours, but is also always a pleasant walk, full of distractions, urban, not natural like yours.

Chris Stovell said…
Thank you, Pondside. One of the downsides of the country seems to be the amount of poor dead creatures in the lanes!
Chris Stovell said…
Ivy, Shirley, he was in deep concentration and completely unaware of me with the camera!

Jeane, we need one of what you saw at the top of our hill as we return!

Debs, thank you. The Gardener had done an excellent job so got his well-deserved cup of tea!

Hah, yes it does look like the Narnai of post boxes! I know what you mean about the French ones!

Frances, we're always glad that you like to take the air or we wouldn't get to see so much of your wonderful city!
Just popped over to see how you were doing. Lovely Spring pictures and good to see another glimpse of your world - looks so beautiful and peaceful there. New cover = very nice! Can't wait for publication. x
Fennie said…
We are lucky aren't we with our red postboxes and sometimes with our red phone boxes, too, though I have to walk further to find one of those. Have you ever thought about how rooks build nests? Imagine getting that very first stick to stay up and then another and then another. I'm sure you or I couldn't build a nest even had we a whole afternoon and an unlimited pile of sticks. Or if we did, if we put so much as a tennis ball into it the thing would come tumbling down.
Flowerpot said…
Lovely relaxed post, Chris - and amazing pictures. Happy sigh....
Chris Stovell said…
LBD, thank you, but I only show you the good bits, ie not a close-up of poor dead badger or the bird poo I had to avoid! Hope all is well with you.

Fennie, I'm constantly amazed at how those messy nests stay in place when a good old west Wales gale shakes them!

Thank you, Sue!

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