A Spot of Sunshine

Lovely Juliet Greenwood whose novel Eden’s Garden, published by Honno, is officially launched tomorrow, has kindly nominated this blog for a Sunshine Award. Thank you, Juliet and congratulations - the postman should be delivering my copy of Eden’s Garden very soon, I hope! Juliet has asked me to post some random facts about myself, but I’ve also seen bloggers posting about things that make them happy in response to this award so, as it’s been one of those days, I’m writing about random things that have made me happy today.

At this very moment, as I type this, Turning the Tide is #1 in Kindle Store Books Contemporary Romantic Fiction which, I can tell you, has made me pretty jolly happy.

…especially after a rather bruising online incident at the weekend when my fellow Choc Lit authors rallied round me, picked me up and dusted me off again. I haven’t met all of the Choc Lit team and I’ve hardly met any of the friends I’ve made through social media, but the kindness and support of people I only know through the internet, astounds me and cheers me up every time. Thanks to all of you. On that subject Novel Racer friend Liane Spicer, our own Wordtryst, has invited me to be a guest at Novel Spaces ‘a universe for writers and readers’ and I’m honoured to be appearing there tomorrow.

You'll notice from the ad on the Amazon screenshot, that I've been searching for something to wear for my daughter's wedding. I am what Susannah and Trinny would have called a cornet shape ie I have wide shoulders and slim hips. In practice this means that any dress that clears my rib cage flaps like a sail round my hips. It also means that I’m beginning to panic about whether the shops make Mother of the Bride dresses for freaks of nature. Finding the right outfit so I can stop worrying about it would make me very happy indeed!

I was putting a card together for Ma’s birthday last week when I came across the above photo. It’s probably the earliest picture of me on a boat (and no, it wasn’t when dinosaurs roamed the earth, although you could be forgiven for thinking so from the photo!). That’s me on Ma’s lap, with my uncle on the right and two of my cousins!

After three days of being blanketed in fog, the sun’s just come out! Hurray!

AND FINALLY… This morning, I saw the cover for Move Over Darling and it’s bee-yoo-ti-ful! It’s Wednesday Hottie time on the Choc Lit blog today, so the big reveal will have to wait until tomorrow. Do come and have a look if you’ve got time.


Milla said…
be afraid of mother of the bride. Went with my chum last week, as we were tweeting - little coming in at udner £800!! And such strange stuff. Nothing you'd actually want to wear, very Plumbs stretch covers with a random nasty bit of diamantee chucked in. Just buy a more expensive version of what you actually feel good in. Am very glad i have sons! And congrats on the #1 slot, must be a fantastic feeling and well deserved, little Miss Sunshine. (Ps am currently a bit brain dead, as you know, was I aware of on-line spat?? Horrid. Ignore the swine. Lots of us nice ones out there.)
Chris Stovell said…
Yes, that's it exactly! Plumbs covers and all - bleurgh! I certainly wasn't very sunny at the weekend, I was busy licking my wounds!
Milla said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Preseli Mags said…
Like Milla I don't know what the bruising online incident was either but I'm glad you've got a smile back on your face now.

Congratulations on your number one - of course all your fans know that's exactly where TTT should be! I can't wait to see MOD.

We had a peek at the sun on this side of the hills this afternoon too. I don't like the fog - it gathers on my eyelashes when I'm running.
Fennie said…
Great stuff, Chris. But then TTT is a great story. Will try to look in tomoz to see the new cover. Meanwhile lots of luck in choosing an outfit.
Jenny Beattie said…
Lots of stuff there to be happy about. Can you find someone to make alterations?

Congrats on the Kindle Store ranking; so brilliant.

I'm looking forward to seeing the big reveal tomorrow.
Frances said…
Bravo to you, Chris, on the that well-deserved number one star! I keep thinking about all the lucky folks who've had the pleasure of discovering your marvelous characters and the the seaside that surrounds them.

I do look forward to seeing the cover for your new novel.


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