Get it while it's £1.72!

Blimey! Turning the Tide's available on Kindle at the truly bargainous price of £1.72 today. Don't those lovely folks at Amazon realise I have a plumber and electrician to pay? Ah, what the heck? Get it whilst it's hot and have a read in the sunshine.


Fennie said…
At that price I think a book would need to carry a deal of advertising - can't you write about a real boatyard and restaurant and hairdresser? Maybe the interstices between chapters could be filled with publicity for Yellow Pages or Microsoft; Amazon even. 'This kindle downloadable book is sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken' Yes you could even download the sound chips in the text. 'Before turning to the next Chapter of Turning the Tide spend a moment with us to explore the lovely coast of Southern Spain with its beaches and gold courses. Now you've purchased the book you will need the ideal location in which to read it. One of Acme's time share apartments could be just what you are looking for. And don't forget - all heroines fly Easyjet!'

Sell space in your next book. Manufacturer - why not sponsor the heroine's lipstick, or getaway car or maybe the luggage carried by the man in the story?
Cait O'Connor said…
Doesn't Andy McNab do something like Fennie suggests? I don't read him but M (who does) keeps saying he mentions brand names and must be getting paid!
Sorry not been by of late.. have not been online.
Frances said…
Chris, I am going to take a different tack, and suggest that Amazon's electronic book special might just find a perfect match with folks looking for a book to read as they begin their holidays.

Think it was Ms Weldon that became the queen of product placement in her books.

Let your readers get sand in their nooks or kindles or whatever, just let them get acquainted with your wonderful characters.

It was in Barter Books in Alnwick - and it was dearer than that!!
Flowerpot said…
Doesnt sound much Chris. As I don't have a kindle I will stick to the paper version and will reread it on holiday next week!
sheepish said…
Sounds like a real bargain, now where's my lovely kindle? Have just read your previous post and was delighted to hear how well your mother is doing and chuckled at the thought of her and the Eyebrow lady. I could do with a lawnmower for mine!!!
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