Congratulations to Liz Fielding

I’ve dragged myself up at Crack of Doom for the electrician, my unwashed hair’s been piled up into a bun and the plug could be pulled on the power at any moment, but despite all this I’m at a party!

I’m over at my Welsh neighbour’s (well, we’re in next-door counties), award-winning romance writer, Liz Fielding. Liz and I are members of the Carmarthen Chapter of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and were also flatmates at the recent RNA Summer Conference. Not only has Liz been very generous in her support to me as a newly-published writer, but I can tell you that she’s very generous with yummy biscuits too!

Liz is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of signing her first contract for Mills and Boon for her novel, An Image of You and she’s just completed her – gulp! - sixtieth book for them, Flirting with Italian, which is out in December. How’s that for hard work and discipline?

I’ve just finished reading her latest book, Tempted by Trouble featuring the delectable Sean McElroy who turns up in heroine Elle Amery’s life bearing a pink-and-white ice cream van. Well, an introduction like that would impress me, but you’ll have to read the book to see if Elle’s so easily won over! In the meantime, do pop over to Liz’s celebrations and raise a glass to her. Congratulations Liz!


Fennie said…
Give the electrician initial capitals and the first paragraph could be the opening of your (third? fourth?) novel. It has suspense, intrigue and the promise of a healthy young male in rigger boots. 'She felt so BLUE. Couldn't LIVE without him. She would give the very EARTH for his touch.'
Chris Stovell said…
Fennie, have you been peeking at my electrician?
Debs Carr said…
Congratulations to Liz. How incredible to be celebrating 20 years and finishing your 60th book!
Cottage Garden said…
Congratulations to Liz - that is an incredible achievement.

Btw, I was very impressed by your whopper of a cabbage Chris!

Good to hear your Ma is doing so well too.

Flowerpot said…
Well done Liz. Love Fennie's comments - is the electrician that lush Chris?!!

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