Home and Away

Today I'm over at Choc Lit Authors with a blog about how we read.

I'm also off on another journey; Ma's in hospital awaiting surgery after a slipping on her path so she needs some tlc. Here's one of Tom's recent paintings inspired by our trip to Ireland - I'm so glad we had that holiday.

Painting is 'Ring of Kerry from Slea Head' by Tom Tomos


Cait O'Connor said…
Nice to see my very local 'homeland' in that magnificent pic.Best wishes to your Mum.
Fennie said…
Best wishes to your Mum. Will no read you Choc-lit blog. Am intigued by the title.
Lane said…
Beautiful painting!

All the very best to your mum (and you). That was a horrible thing to happen:-(
hope ur mum gets mended fast.
Flowerpot said…
Very best wishes to your Mum and thinking of you at this very difficult time. Take care and look after yourself as well.
Preseli Mags said…
Best wishes to your mum for her op and for a speedy recovery.
I love the painting too. xx
Cottage Garden said…
Best wishes to your mum Chris - hope all is mended and she feels better very soon.

I am totally behind with catching up - I seem to have missed your trip to Ireland! Just had a brief look at your gorgeous photos and will go back for a good read right now.

Debs said…
I do hope they hurry up and operate on your poor mum soon.

Love the painting.
Pondside said…
I'm so sorry to read about your mother's fall - big hugs to you and wishes for healing to her.
Frances said…
Chris, it certainly was wonderful for you all to have had that marvelous time in Ireland. Tom's picture is another gem that I could look at for a long time, still seeing more in it each minute.

Best wishes to your mom. May her treatment by the doctors be good, careful and swift. May she heal steadily, helped by the care you'll be supplying.

So sorry to read this about your Ma hope it all goes OK and she is back knitting wild woolly hats very soon.
Chris Stovell said…
Thanks for good wishes. Op due Thursday. Keeping everything crossed.
From Chris... on a dongle oo-er
Talli Roland said…
Beautiful painting and colours. Hope all is going well with your mum!
Pauline Barclay said…
Just love the painting, Tom is very talented! Hope everything is going well for your ma.

Hope you don't mind, but I have awarded you a Blog award! When you have time...ha ha ha you can collect it from my Blog.
Take care, hugs xx
Leigh Russell said…
Hope your mum is better soon.

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