Best Wishes and a Blog Break

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog and left so many messages of support for Ma. I’m relieved to say that she had her stitches removed yesterday (eventually – but that’s another story and it’s Christmas and I’m weary).

The last three weeks have been a painful and difficult time, especially for my mum. Time has passed like a storm; a watchful silence in Ma’s small flat in Surrey, the cyclone of Christmas swirling around without a single card being written or gift wrapped. My apologies to everyone I should have visited or written to.

Ma’s sheer bravery, her capacity to draw on deep reserves of true grit and determination as she slowly reclaims her life, has really impressed me so I’m taking a leaf out of her book. Despite ending on a distinctly bum note, 2010 has been a fabulous year for me with the realisation of a long-cherished dream and the publication of my debut novel, Turning the Tide. Huge thanks to all of you who got behind it. But now, I have promises to keep and a novel to complete so I’m taking a short blogging break to do just that... unless, of course, something really exciting happens... and hopefully that won’t include Ma taking anymore tumbles.

Until February then, many thanks to all of you, for reading this blog and for all your comments, encouragement and support. May I wish you, belatedly, a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

Nadolig Llawen i chi i gyd!

The painting is County Kerry (5) by Tom Tomos


Lane said…
Wishing your inspirational Ma a speedy recovery Chris.

I hope you get a bit of rest during the holidays and all the absolute best for next year. xx
Chris Stovell said…
Ta, Lane. Wishing you all the best for the New Year, too.
Kath said…
Every good wish for a speedy recovery for your Ma and I hope you and your family have a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing Christmas and New Year. Good luck with book two and see you back here in February!! xx
Debs said…
I do hope you're Mum is much better soon.

Happy Christmas to you all and here's to a fabulous 2011.

Happy writing too. I can't wait to read your next book. x
Chris Stovell said…
Kath, same to you, m'dear, and thanks for all the support and a wonderful review of Turning the Tide.

Debs, thank you for the fantastic support of Turning the Tide and for interviewing me this year. All the best to you for 2011.
mountainear said…
All the very best to you and yours - hope you get that much need ed rest and recharge the batteries.

Look forward to reading you again - the blog and certainly the next novel.

Chris Stovell said…
Mountainear, thanks very much for all your good wishes and your support of my writing. Looking forwards to reading about your writing plans for 2011 too.
Frances said…
Chris, your mom is truly remarkable! And so are you, my dear. I am very glad to hear that your mom recovery is proceeding.

Also glad to hear that you are going to give yourself a break. Enjoy it to the fullest.

May you and yours have a Happy Christmas celebration, and may 2011 bring you all wonderful days.

May I also send compliments on to Tom on this marvelous picture!

Milla said…
I echo what the others have said. Greatly looking forward to the next novel and to the return of one of my favourite blogs. One of these days I must see Tom's paintings in the flesh. They're just my sort of thing.
Happy Christmas to you both and your families, particularly yr indomitable Ma!!
Cottage Garden said…
Best wishes to you and your family Chris and especially Ma. I hope she continues to make a good recovery.

Have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and all the very best for the New Year.

Look forward to your return in February!

Pondside said…
Merry Christmas to you and yours, Chris. I'll be watching for you in February!
Chris Stovell said…
Frances, another of 2010's wonderful days was our fabulous day together in January... I think we're on our way to matching those temperatures too! Thanks for your good wishes and Tom will be delighted with what you've said.

Milla, we should compare paintings! I love your dad's work and should like to see that for real too. And the same to you, m'dear!

Many thanks, Jeanne, that's kind of you.

Pondside, thanks for all.
Posie said…
Looking forward to the next novel Chris. So glad to hear your mum is making a good recovery. You take care and have a lovely Christmas, looking forward to catching up in Feb,
Posie x
Fran said…
Here's to a productive January. And happy Christmas.
Chris Stovell said…
Posie, will do - thanks.

Fran, thank you - and to you.
Talli Roland said…
I hope your Mum continues her recovery, and good luck with getting everything completed! See you in February!
Lots of love to you and your family for an even better 2011, and a speedy recovery to Ma - she sounds quite a trouper. Let's catch up soon - sounds as though you have lots to be getting on with for now.

Loads of love

J xxx
Preseli Mags said…
Happy New Year Chris. Continued best wishes to your Ma for her recovery and see you back in blogland in February. Good luck with book two. xxx
Flowerpot said…
Chris - I can appreciate what you're going through and wish you strength and peace in order to do so. Best of luck with the novel and try and rest up a bit. Take care xxx
Chris Stovell said…
Thanks, Talli, best wishes to you for 'The Hating Game' in 2011.

LBD, Ah, the same to you, dear heart, what a roller coast year it's been eh? Here's to our catching up early in 2011. Thanks for being such a star. Cx

Mags, ditto above, really. I was hoping to catch up before Christmas, but it's something to look forwards to for the New Year... except of course you've got new responsibilities now! Hope the latest addition to the family is behaving!

FP, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment at this time. You know that you're in my thoughts. Thank you for your good wishes - I hope for the same for you. Cx
Kitty said…
Oooh, exciting - another novel! Can't wait. So, every good wish for your Ma, and to you and yours for 2011. Happy New Year! Until February x
Chris Stovell said…
Happy New Year to you too, Kitty - thanks for your support of TTT. Hope 2011 is good to you.
Oh Lordy _ having just read your poor mum's trial and tribulations for the first time I could weep. So hope she is through it all now and on the road to recovery.
So? Its time or me to utter that immortal phrase again.......get that bum on the seat and keeeeeeeep typing!
Take care
Nikki Goodman said…
Hope your Ma fully recovers as speedily as possible. Hope you had a great Christmas and a happy new year to you too. Fingers crossed that you get the novel finished - and that it's everything you want it to be. Can't wait to read it!

Take care x

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